I wonder how many ladydicks we'll be forced to accept this year.

Not surprised with the modern pentathalon being dropped, the whole showjumping part of that event has always been a shitshow and it got worse this year with a horse being beaten in the ring, which got a lot of press. I don't understand the rationale for the modern pentathalon to exist, it seems like a bizarre event anyway.

Wow. I had no idea. Animal cruelty? WTF? Was there corruption too?

No idea. So I follow equestrian sports and every olympics hating on the modern pentathalon basically becomes a side effort from every equestrian blogger who is following the olympics. The people in the pentathalon can't bring their own horses, they draw horses provided by hosts out of a hat and they have something like ~15 minutes to learn about the horse and then they have to go jump a course. Most of them don't ride that well and it never goes well.

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I've known Olympic weightlifting was going to be dropped for a while. The sports governing body is an absolute mess and there's while nations banned from competition due to doping, I suspect it's more to deal with the fallout with that than the Hubbard issue, (clearly, though that did not help the sport's image (even with the boost from people coming in Crossfit see Laura Horvath etc)).

Maybe that’s why they didn’t care about Hubbard, it was getting dropped anyhow

I am submitting this because of the possibility that one of the reasons for omitting them is that they reveal the differences between men and women so sharply. There are other reasons too, I've read, to do with corruption and doping, but I'd be interested to hear what people here think about this.

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