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I'm sad today because a favorite female YouTuber of mine posted a video tearing apart JKR as a "transphobe." It was depressing because she always seemed so intelligent when giving feminist analysists of film and TV, but now suddenly she was defending what is basically sexism and homophobia . . .? Just WTF. I tell myself she's probably doing it for clicks and ad revenue and woke points, which would be hypocritical as fuck given how much her videos criticize capitalism and wokism in film.

And all the people leaving comments on the video, ranting about how JKR is as evil as Umbridge, etc. They insisted that JKR doesn't live up to the virtues of the characters in her books (what, you mean the strength, bravery, and courage it took her to speak out for women's rights in the face of your sexist stupidity and woke outrage?) and rant about abandoning the Harry Potter series (but why the fuck are these grown-ass adults still active in the fandom anyway?) Again, WTF.

It's like none of these people have reading comprehension. JKR has never said anything bad or untrue about "trans people." She's only ever defended women and women's rights. Just imagine if she told the straight up truth the way we do here (transwomen are men, genderism is sexist and homophobic, transbians are rapists, transwomen are predatory AGPs, etc). They would lynch her.

I just can't believe this is the world we're living in. A woman says that biological sex is real and is erased from her life's work as punishment (and/or so they don't lose $$$ from nutty TRA fans). Meanwhile, men can put on wigs, call themselves "women," and rape real women in public restrooms . . . and the entire world kowtows.

Fuck this entire planet.

Rowling doesn’t live up to the values of her characters? Mate, have these people read Harry Potter? In virtually every book, Harry tries to warn people about x danger, everyone refuses to listen, he faces overwhelming pressure to take it back, he refuses to back down, and he’s branded a pariah for having the guts to tell the truth and keep telling the truth. And then in the end, it turns out he’s right, and everyone else has egg on their face.

Dunno how they missed all of that, but I hope it turns out the same way IRL.

It's kinda eerie how much of her life right now parallels that of her main character from the Potter series.

Those idiots don't understand that they're like the ministry of magic... And the idiots believing them.

OMG the Sun being coherent for a change.

For non-Brits the Sun is a right-wing red top rag that has a history of controversy. It's not sold in Liverpool to this day due to its coverage of the Hillsborough football tragedy. That accused Scousers of thieving from the dying.

The article is pretty good for sure. However in terms of tides turning, that'll be happening when such things are written in the Mirror (left-wing red top rag) and the Guardian (left-wing prissy middle class rag).

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the Mirror (left-wing red top rag) and the Guardian (left-wing prissy middle class rag).

This is a perfect description.

My partner was telling me the other day he read an article in The Guardian on that TIM swimmer and he said it was definitely siding with the female swimmers. Maybe the tide is turning slowly.

The sports one is something else. I've only met one person who tried to defend laurel Hubbard and they got ratioed.

Regular people, with eyes and a working brain think it's insane.

The Guardian sports pages are usually less accepting of stunning and brave TIMS than the rest of the paper.

Was The Sun not owned by Rupert Murdoch? The one who was also responsible for turning Fox News into a republican mouth-piece?

I believe so, yes.

It has/used to have the page three topless woman. That explains a lot of its sales.

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Yes, in The Sun - only the biggest tabloid in the UK. Feels turny-tidey to me.

As if we needed more proof that TRAs won half the battle when they pushed through the idea that men wishing to be perceived as women should be called “transwomen”.

They were in her face again last week after she used her Twitter account to mock a strategy by Police Scotland to log rapes by trans men as rapes by women if the attacker “identifies as a female”.

The journalist, as well as the sub editors, and presumably a sizeable chunk of the population think that a “trans man” is a man identifying as transgender. No wonder so many people are OK with TWAW and TMAM - they think “well duh, taking hormones and lopping body parts off clearly doesn’t change your sex…”

Haha, I completely missed that. It goes to show how confusing all this stuff is, when it should really be as simple as saying you're either male or female.

Wasn’t it also The Sun that published her abusive ex-husband admitting that he hit her and did not regret it back in June 2020 when she started tweeting openly GC stuff?

It's a shame that it's the Sun of all the bloody tabloid rags in the UK published this. It's a decent article and makes very decent points about the blatant discriminatory against JK here, but the credibility of it as an actual newspaper makes it essentially worthless :/

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No it doesn't. It's the Sun its got like over a million readers a day.

Even if the Sun is a tabloid its still got a huge demographic it will reach. Thats what we want. The message does not have to be pretty or perfect, it just needs to get out there and spread like pollen in a spring breeze.

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Huge reach though. It might be worthless to the chattering classes, but this is going to bring a lot more people into the conversation.

She's going to weather the storm. She knew exactly what she was doing when she pressed send with that last Tweet.

They have the gall to add "it's okay to love her books, though."

That's because they don't want their gravy train to dry up. If people actually started to boycott Harry Potter everything, it'd be a disaster. Especially since they've become dependent on franchises.

I'd have more respect for them is they did trigger a boycott.

But they're too fucking lazy and mediocre nowadays to come up with original content.