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Oh wow. That image of her on the right is not going to age well. Psh, ethics.

The girl... is also a top moderator of the phalloplasty subreddit – a board dedicated to female-to-male transgenders seeking and discussing the surgical creation of a penis for the purposes of gender affirmation.

The internet in 2021 is run by children and the mentally ill. Seriously, let that sink in. You might assume someone with an ounce of experience would be in those positions on forums & websites, but no. She's 13.

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According to the KiwiFarms thread, she's the top moderator of an unpopular, rarely-used phalloplasty subreddit (I think r/phalloplasty?) and she isn't a mod of the largest sub (r/phallo, or vice-versa if I'm wrong). Which, isn't really any better, but at least there's slightly less predators on her sub. Ugh.

A bit of a tangent, but if TW are, as we have seen, fast-tracked for breast implants, will TM desisters who had mastectomy be fast-tracked for breast implants when they want to return to their feminine body/shape?

Yeah, we know the answer will be no.

Completely hysterectomies have a risk of your internal organs falling out of your vagina.

That's just one of many things that make it a massively hugely invasive treatment that really should only be used if the other option is something like, idk, dying of cancer.

Can she be reported to her medical board about this done on a 13 year old? esp w the tik tok videos? What are the laws in her states re: minors? Can her yeet the teet tik tok videos-redacting contact info- be shown to her state legislative session & federal-since they claim this doesn't get done to minors? And entered into the legislative records- esp so ppl cannot later claim they didn't know? Can her tik tok video- without showing her name- contact info-mainly so some kids don't contact her- and she can't claim doxxing at least on non- legislative media- & it wouldn't be doxxing in legislative. be shown by Fox or ANY media so at least some ppl can see what is really going on? & Mention made of some minor wanting a hysterectomy at 15? Esp paired w the studies that show 80,% desisistance rates? They may contact their legislators & talk to their friends. Also- then the other media cannot deny it?

Florida has very lax rules for plastic surgeons. It is where all the sketchy ones are.

It seems like whoever wrote this article would probably have access to all the primary documents.

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The young teenager who is the focus of this article was tipped off and she deleted a lot of her posts on Reddit. But, I know that everything has been documented in multiple places.

It would be awesome to have a thread that's like Internet Sleuth / Archiving 101 where we could learn from each other about how to archive things, document things, etc.

Or is that getting too paranoid? I know that one of the main gripes I have with TRAs is how creepy they are online.... don't want to become what it is I dislike.

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There's a site that archives everything on reddit from the moment things are submitted, so her history is still there, just hidden. If more proof or information than what was already captured is needed, it's available.

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IMO, its not "doxxing" if you just repost information that Gallagher already WILLFULLY put on her PUBLIC TikTok herself.

Also, doctors should be subjected to scrutiny for grooming new victims online