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None, they're all still using gaslighting (ffff that had me cracking a smile)

None. The light bulb shouldn't have to perform luminescence to be validated.

Changing a lightbulb is literal violence anyway, why would anyone do that besides Broken Bulb Exclusionary Radical Carpenters (or BBERCs)? Billions of innocent lightbulbs are killed every year because the shadowphobic light-normative patriarchy brainwashes anyone into thinking that if they don' t work, then they should be killed and discarded.

Say no to lightbulb conversion therapy: the mild annoyance caused by your head hitting repeatedly any surface because you can' t see one inch in front of you is entirely worth it.

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Burnt lightbulbs are not broken, there is nothing wrong with them. How dare you !!!

Somehow, it just never happens, and then Meredith Talusan writes an article for Vice called, "Why Can't My Light-Nonconforming Bulbs Get Changed?"

10 to take photographs of the burned out bulb, Tweet about cis lightbulb privilege and set fire to the room, 30 to organise a protest outside a different room where a woman has just installed a fresh lightbulb, demanding to be allowed in, one to write an article about why lightbulbs are traumatic to nonbinary people, and one to update Thomas Edison’s Wikipedia article to tell the world she was trans.

But it doesn't want to change! And those terfs said having the room pitch black would be danger....aaaaaaaaagh. Ouch. No, I haven't fallen over, this never happ.... $@£&?! Who put that there, I just stubbed my toe! But it's all fine, I just need to... thump thump thump thump thump look out for the staircase. However I identify as someone who doesn't have a broken arm, a fractured pelvis, significant bruising and a concussion so it's ok. Where am I? Why is it so dark?