… waiting times for gender identity services are longer than for the vast majority of other healthcare services.

As well they should be!

But I guess Jolyon Maugham would prefer that people who require actual life-saving (or indeed any medically necessary) treatments should wait even longer?

In my area it’s basically impossible to get NHS knee surgery or cataract removal at the moment, to give just two examples that my circle of friends happen to have personal knowledge of. It’s go private or just suffer. As for mental health services: forget it! A friend of a friend’s teenage kid got discharged to home straight out of intensive care after a suicide attempt because there are just NO psych beds. And he’s not getting any NHS therapy either, just a place on an endless waiting list.

Let the people who want medically unnecessary cosmetic surgery wait! In fact it’s probably for their own good to make them wait: gives them time to change their minds. Not advocating that they should have to wait longer for therapy, though; the ones whose desire to transition is based on genuine distress driven my mental health issues, that is.

Mental health in general is horrendously badly funded by the NHS, and that needs to change. It’s a false economy, too: mentally ill adolescents left untreated often turn into lifelong mental health patients - and in the case of the male ones especially they often end up in the criminal justice system, incurring huge societal expense as well as massive financial cost to the state.

because there are just NO psych beds

A great start would be to completely stop involuntary committment. There are so many people who don't belong there who are "punished" by vindictive doctors and family members.

Basically, someone (typically a woman) has a bad day and loses her cool, so her family/"friends" attempt to force her into the hospital because they don't want to deal with it. The vindictive, power tripping doctor agrees she's a danger to herself or others (with literally zero proof, just "gut feelings") so she's involuntarily committed to the psych ward.

She's now taking up a bed for someone who is in genuine distress and fear for their life. Not only that, but the trauma from being essentially imprisoned without a trial is IMMENSE. People who are involuntarily committed typically NEVER seek out mental health help again, because the trauma is simply too massive.

Are you talking about the UK? Sounds more likely to happen in the US, where the doctors and institutions that take in such patients benefit from the ching ching ching. In the UK, psych services are so thin on the ground that a lot of people who actually ought to be in hospital are not.

I’d like for them to specify which services they should be able to jump ahead of and show why their procedures are more medically and ethically justifiable than those they are pushed back down the queue.

If only those selfish ciswomen would stop with all the damn breast cancer! I need my big fake ta-tas and validation!

The NHS has had rather a lot on its plate recently. Jolyon Maugham and the other TRAs seem not to have noticed. Such incredible selfishness.

There is so much pro-trans stuff on twitter about this if you happen to be connected to academics or lefty activists for other reasons. It's really disheartening to me to see the alternate realities of the GC twitter people, where there is occasionally interaction with some seemingly nutso TRA arguments but it seems evident that the tide is turning for us, and then see the kinds of people who usually post ordinary NPR articles or whatever suddenly celebrating the latest victory for trans rights, because that's what's going on. Everyone knows it's what the good guys agree is the political position to take, and people who disagree are just dismissed with "ugh, a t*rf" without even discussion. On their threads sometimes it feels like they're barely even aware of an argument going on...