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It's hilarious (or infuriating) that WaPo proudly proclaims that "democracy dies in darkness" but often refuses to touch on these issues and/or gaslight readers (and I say this as someone who used to subscribe). By giving women a voice to talk about this, at least they're no longer being hypocrites (at this moment in time). I hope they grow some ovaries and keep letting women speak.

Edit: Just saw this in the comments

Until now I haven't looked closely at transgender issues in sports, because the discussion can be too difficult... But the recent WaPo article about trans swimmer Lia Thomas on the U Penn women's team completely changed my mind.

I feel like this is probably super common, and I'm glad this is making people peak. TIMs are shooting themselves in the foot and it's beautiful.

< If cases like Thomas are few, it’s relatively easy to make inclusion paramount. >

The lack of concern for the displaced woman is appalling. And this argument, which we hear often, ("inclusion would be unfair if trans women dominated") contains within it the admission that the inclusion is unfair but, as long as casualties to the women's side are kept to a minimum, women should accept the unfairness.

When I looked, a refreshingly large number of commenters had clapped back at that one with "No, even ONE woman left off a team for a bio male is too many."

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If we were to occasionally allow biological males in women's sports on the basis of "inclusivity" no one like Liar would be able to compete. He is built like a linebacker. They would have a better case if they argued for very effeminate small males with intersex conditions or something like that. But they're picking a guy with 4 ft wide shoulders. That is way way too obviously unfair and everyone can see it.

Also presents it casually as just the "Joy" of competiting in a sport you love, whether winning or not doesn't matter.

Remember the playback where TRAs wanted journalists to emphasize the playing for the love of the sport.

Mission Accomplished!

Yes! This idea that women should disregard their competitive spirit and be content just participating in sports makes me do that Leslie Knope angry face. Women aren’t children and our sports aren’t recreation leagues.

I hate this: Trans women are women, like Black women are women.

Mr. Lia Williams: I'm the Jackie Robinson of Trans women.

"We are going to try to race guilt Liberals."

Right out the TRA Playbook.

I find this the most remarkable argument. All those little league controversies when a boy might be a year or two over the age of eligibility.........

So much misogyny.

I'm surprised they let the author voice this rather tame opinion on the fairness of transwomen in women's sports. I hope she is not treated to calls for being fired, cancelled or labeled as a person who is scared of trans people (that ominous 'transphobia' routinely shouted with Twitter pitchforks for things most benign).

However, a few points I must raise. As a woman, I never consented to being called 'cis'. Woman alone is fine. Transwomen, or trans-females or trans women are not subsets of women, they are subsets of the male sex. Women are half the population, we don't need to be a subset of our own sex category.

"If cases like Thomas are few, it’s relatively easy to make inclusion paramount." Really, how can the author so lightly throw away a sacrificial woman so blithely? How many women are too many women to lose meets, scholarships, spots on teams? What woman should set aside her dreams of competition so a man can beat her in the name of 'inclusion'? As far as I'm concerned, one woman losing to a man is one too many.

Let's stop with this farce. Transwomen are men. We don't have discussions or handwringing over whether or not men should play on women's sports because it's so blatantly obvious why not.

Ok, which one of you witchbabes wrote my favorite comment?

Good to see that the overwhelming majority of commenters are on the side of sanity.

I think this is the main reason why TRAs turn to harassment, abuse, silencing, and bullying online (and sometimes IRL). They know the overwhelming majority of people are gender critical and it scares the absolute shit out of them.

If cases like Thomas are few, it’s relatively easy to make inclusion paramount.

No. This is treating women's sport like it's not sport. It's "womanifying" it by making it about inclusion instead of winning.