I expected the photo to be of a woman academic, but it's a man. Sad to say, but now that MEN are at risk, maybe the larger culture will step up against these bullies.

[–] shewolfoffrance 🦕 🦣 🦖 3 points

Yeah. I'm happy he spoke out, and it's obviously a risky career move for him. I hope it pushes the conversation in the right direction, but I do wish people had listened to the women who've been speaking out on this for the last 5-6 years.

I'm beginning to lose patience with the whole "trans people... deserve dignity and respect" shtick. No one "deserves" dignity and respect. It's not guaranteed either. Dignity and respect is cultivated and earned by behaving appropriately.

It's an elite version of "Be kind." A moralistic admonishment. A CYA phrase, too.

[–] yikesforever 1 points Edited

Isn't dignity part of the foundation of human rights? I think "human dignity" is something everyone deserves. And maybe respect too. But what they get wrong is that those things don't mean that other people have to play pretend and deny basic reality. That is crossing the line on my dignity. They are just appropriating that phrase for convoluted ends, like they do everything.

And given what most TIMs are imprisoned for, no, they deserve neither. They should count themselves lucky to be breathing.

I do think it is great that there is a "wave" of professors being accused. Like Lia seems to be a tipping point in sports, there needs to be one in all areas where this is taking over.