I think my son, who is about your age, also slightly autistic, and used to be very into anime (not so much now), also dodged a bullet. If he was ten years younger I dread to think what I'd be dealing with. The one thing is, though, he's extremely stubborn and contrary. A dozen people online trying to tell him he's a girl would only be more likely to make him certain he's a guy.

Thank you for sharing your story. I hope your brother recovers before doing too much harm to himself.

One of my sons, who is 20, had some neurological challenges growing up. When he was a freshman in high school -- 14 years old? -- he came to me and confided that he was asexual. He explained what that meant and I took him at his word. I had a good cry about it, because it seemed not so great. But I gave him about 6 months before I brought it up again, and by that time he'd gone further through puberty and decided he was actually very super straight 😂.

In retrospect, I think about how during that time he hung around with a lot of gender diverse kids. I guess he chose asexual because he was still early in puberty and felt obligated to pick something.