Imagine your identical twin saying they are trans? Must be devastating.

It's crazy alright. It's funny though: he's trans, completely TRA-ified, while I'm extremely terfy.

More proof it’s a cult. Your upbringings diverged. Nature vs nurture. There’s no “inherent biological” proof of being trans or else you’d be spouting the same propaganda for sharing identical DNA.

I think you're totally spot-on in believing he was groomed and that you dodged that bullet. I think the same thing sometimes, but with my age instead - there are a lot of women here who believe they would have fallen for the gender cult if they were teenagers right now. It's insidious and preys on some of the most vulnerable people who just want to feel like they are a part of something. I hope your brother finds a way out before doing too much medically.

It's funny how, I think, being on spectrum technically can land someone further along on the trans or the terfy side of things.

On one side, someone on the spectrum can find it hard to identify with general public, feeling like you're from another planet isn't uncommon. So they're predisposed and eager to hear who they are and more importantly - ache to find a place they'd belong to. They're always welcome to join our homebase - the IT department - but some still got caught in the trans ideology.

On the other side, people on the spectrum are honest to a fault. Facts are facts are facts. Facts can be dismissed with solid arguments and new facts. I'm all for seeing proof that a mammal can change sex but there really is none. And sex differences have been well documented.

I understand, for the sake of peace, we sometimes have to lie. Like if random people ask how are you doing you're supposed to say fine regardless of reality. And I used to use people's preferred pronouns etc because "that's what you're supposed to do". But then Hubbard competed in women's section in the Olympics - which I found objectively unfair. And voicing that made me a terf. And then I finally found out about self ID, women's prisons, puberty blockers, the silencing of the detrans, that AGP is a thing, that MAPs are following the trans blueprint, that people are losing their jobs because of tweets about sex existing.

So we didn't choose the terf life. There's simply not an option to not be a terf anymore.

Like if random people ask how are you doing you're supposed to say fine regardless of reality.

I stopped doing this several years ago. People are often usually startled at first, but frequently respond with something authentic. I recommend trying it.

I stopped doing this several years ago. People are often usually startled at first, but frequently respond with something authentic. I recommend trying it.

Same! Though I find that I'm more likely to be honest in those kinds of mini-interactions if I actually want to talk to the other person. Being honest opens the doors to a real conversation instead of just the expected performance-type of greeting. So, if I'm in a rush in the hallway I do sometimes still just say, "Good, and you?" because I just need to go pee or something, lol.

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I used to say “Shithouse, thanks for asking, how are you?” or “I’m at work, how do you think I am?” in my working years.

My younger sister (autistic with a boatload of mental health issues) has been trans identified for the last 5 years. I'm also on the spectrum and I do feel that I could have easily gone down that path when I was younger if I was exposed to it, which is terrifying. It's the worst thing to see someone you love dearly disregard logic and common sense and go down this irreversible route

I think my son, who is about your age, also slightly autistic, and used to be very into anime (not so much now), also dodged a bullet. If he was ten years younger I dread to think what I'd be dealing with. The one thing is, though, he's extremely stubborn and contrary. A dozen people online trying to tell him he's a girl would only be more likely to make him certain he's a guy.

Thank you for sharing your story. I hope your brother recovers before doing too much harm to himself.

One of my sons, who is 20, had some neurological challenges growing up. When he was a freshman in high school -- 14 years old? -- he came to me and confided that he was asexual. He explained what that meant and I took him at his word. I had a good cry about it, because it seemed not so great. But I gave him about 6 months before I brought it up again, and by that time he'd gone further through puberty and decided he was actually very super straight 😂.

In retrospect, I think about how during that time he hung around with a lot of gender diverse kids. I guess he chose asexual because he was still early in puberty and felt obligated to pick something.

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So many of us are here because we feel like we dodged a bullet.

Are you involved in the autism community at all? I can barely handle it anymore, due to the amount of constant trans propaganda it permeates.

No. I stay away from most online communites, especially on Discord, precisely because of the constant TQ+ propaganda.

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Congrats on your self awareness and discipline. Not easy to come by lol

I don't know how feasible this would be, but a twin study on trans-identified people could potentially be fascinating.

Agreed. Laverne Cox and his twin brother are another example of twins who diverged with the trans path.

Haven't they been made? I tbought i've read something like this and the result was (who would have thought) "since its not both who identify as trans, we cant say its genetical" duh

"since its not both who identify as trans, we cant say its genetical"

This is what interests me. I believe identical twins (and to some degree, fraternal twins) are more likely to be of the same sexual orientation than siblings in the general population.

I don't think identifying as trans is genetic, but it seems highly likely that there's a degree of social contagion to identifying as trans. For example, Jelle Dekker and his brother don't share a gender identity, even though they're twins. But the Wachowskis do share a gender identity and are not twins.

Wow that has to be so weird to have a twin brother go full TRA and take hormones to mimic a woman. Yikes. You know all those other trans identified men on discord/Reddit told him to cut his family out of his life too. These people are very toxic and try to break up families and replace them with online ‘glitter’ families instead (just like a cult). It’s despicable. May he one day wake up and deprogram before too much permanent damage is done :(

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