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This is such a great move. So many people will see this and hopefully go "wtf?" and look up what is going on. Well done LGB Alliance!

Edit: Forgot an archive link : https://archive.ph/KGxfp

Damn, so sad that this is still where we are. Smart ad campaign though.

If you scroll down there's a TIM complaining about how the women's march is evil for referencing female anatomy. Of course feminism focuses on the way we're oppressed for our female biology, that's the only reason we're oppressed! What do they think, men oppress women because they don't like people with long hair, or some other socially constructed marker of femininity? I wish, then we could all just cut our freaking hair and be done with it. They want to control us to control our reproductive capacity, full stop. Feminism has nothing to do with TIMs because they're not females, get over it and just be glad that you don't have these problems. It would be like if I went to a disability rights group and demanded they stopped talking about disability issues because it hurt my feelings as an able bodied person.

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That is so true. They have nothing in common with us it is crazy some women think they belong in feminism.

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That is a brilliant message, really twists hose groomers nuts