I think we all know why, but I'm going to say it anyway - children removed from their parents make far easier victims for the predators that make up the majority of the trans community.

"Dont tell your parents, dont let them know, its a secret, just you and me..." This is how predators talk to kids. This is what several men tried to me online when I was young. This is the same damn language this trans agenda uses. Not involving the parents, the most important people for a child, in anything about the child is a big red flag.

I've donated to the Trevor Project many times in the past. This article is spot on:

The Trevor Project started out nobly, with a raison d’etre that everyone agreed with: preventing young gay people from committing suicide.

It was simple and straightforward. I stopped donating years ago, I think I was subconsciously sensing the shift

I wonder how these celebs would feel about their own child hiding such vital health information from them, aided and abetted by the Trevor Project?

I think these celebs, even the Trevor Project themselves, genuinely think they're doing something good and right, and we've only gotten here because no one was brave enough to say "Wait a minute...", but I wonder if anyone at the Trevor Project has noticed a drop in suicide attempts from LGB kids over the last 20 years...in fact, I wonder if anyone ANYWHERE has noticed a drop in the NUMBER of LGB kids over the last 20 years??? Have they truly disappeared? Or have they been gobbled up by "gender". We're going to lose an entire generation of lgb kids and orgs like The Trevor Project are paving the way for that future.

Why does the Trevor Project want to separate kids from their parents?

I'll take "they're groomers and pedophiles for $400, Alex!"

This is one of the most nefarious parts of the gender cult. The insistence that children must hide everything from their parents, and that these outside special strangers know better and ARE better for you than your own parents. Like wtf? How is that not incredibly damaging to children and the family structure as a whole?? I'm disgusted by the narrative being pushed by these orgs that parents are by default "bad" for their own children when it comes to mental health and LGBT issues. Fuck off, Trevor project, seriously.

This is difficult. Like if it was still just gay that would be giving kids a place to talk about it but not out themselves and be potentially sent to conversion or made homeless. I think that’s why they can get Away with this is because people look at it the way they would about a gay kid having access to a service like that.

But the original intent was for gay and lesbian kids to privately talk without their parents knowing, right? Now it just seems to have gone from the phone to the computer.

I know that what the Ts are doing is nefarious, but this chat feature seems similar to calling an anonymous support line.