Nothing. Is. Complicated.

I’m not sure I trust these people to do the right thing:

Also Friday, a leaked 2020 letter resurfaced that showed the NCAA was made aware that controversy regarding transgender athletes could arise. The letter, signed by more than 300 female athletes, encouraged the NCAA to take action to avoid future disputes. The organization leaked the letter to Outsports in August 2020 in an effort to expose the signatories as anti-trans

I'm one who always say it's not complicated too. But in context here (as opposed to every other time I see someone say this), It seems to me he's saying the politics of this is complicated, not that man in women's sports "is complicated." God, it's painful just reading his answer trying to say "yeah this is fucked up" without saying "yeah this is fucked up".

That said, for crying out loud. You're Michael fucking Phelps. Grow some balls and say what you mean you coward. If even you are too chicken to speak up, who else can?

I'm reminded again how brave Jo Rowling is.

I'm reminded again how brave Jo Rowling is.

Ovaries of steel.

Lol, I was like, very helpful, Mike. Lol

You know what's really "complicated" for him? His millions of dollars of endorsement contracts.