Nothing. Is. Complicated.

I’m not sure I trust these people to do the right thing:

Also Friday, a leaked 2020 letter resurfaced that showed the NCAA was made aware that controversy regarding transgender athletes could arise. The letter, signed by more than 300 female athletes, encouraged the NCAA to take action to avoid future disputes. The organization leaked the letter to Outsports in August 2020 in an effort to expose the signatories as anti-trans

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I am not surprised the NCAA did that. They are an evil, child-hating organization. They basically use college sports to do slavery through athletes. Athletes don't get paid, but some sports makes millions for the NCAA. All the athletes can beg for is for tuition reimbursements and scholarships. No food, no housing, and banned from any sponsorships. Its horrible as it forces poor kids into a very vulnerable position in terms of bargaining for their rights as student-athletes. Its especially bad for female athletes since there is no money in it, so we're like a dead weight to the NCAA.

The question though is whether Outsports shared the names. I hope they didn't. It seems like they maybe didnt because the reporting says "in an effort to" which suggests they (the NCAA) didn't succeed in what they wanted and it backfired.

I'm not too excited for the NCAA's decision. They'll probably side with the trans, and then there is going to be a legal battle that goes all the way to the top judicial bodies.