It is worth watching Phelps say those words. The interview is ~15mins long and the transgender issue is the last topic, starts around minute 13. He very, very obviously thinks it's ridiculous that LT is swimming with the women. The position of Penn/NCAA has been full-throated support of LT, "she's followed all the rules", etc. Phelps echoes NONE of those talking points, but instead talks about level playing fields, doping, and fairness. It shows that when he looks at Thomas in the pool, what he sees is unfairness. The closest he gets to a sympathetic view of LT is a wish that "people could feel comfortable in their skin." Which is what we all wish, right? That Thomas would feel comfortable and accepted IN HIS MALE SKIN.

Nota bene: Phelps dated a TiM in 2013-14.

WTAF? He did!??!? Who?

Makes me wonder if that TiM was catfishing - got maybe one date w/ him and then nothingburger so he has to make it all up. I bet he blackmailed Phelps.