How on earth must the victims of these men feel when they see this shit? I can’t imagine being sexually assaulted as a CHILD and then finding out that all liberal media outlets are writing sob stories supporting my attacker. This man should rot in hell, and any “reporters” writing anything putting him in a sympathetic light should go with him!

If anyone wants to ask Blaise the reporter how he failed to report WHY this man was in prison in the first place (for raping a 14 yr old girl), here's his Twitter handle @blaise_mesa

The utter hubris of asking for sympathy not to be raped when YOU RAPED A CHILD. Prisoners despise pedophiles and frankly, I don't care if he's at risk in prison. Divine retribution IMO. At least as a man he has a fighting chance, unlike his victim.

I mean, I am against silently accepting prison rape as part of the punishment (especially when it comes to women who are in prison for not paying their TV license) but seeing as the media these days have not the tiniest bit of sympathy for women who are raped by men in prison, men who shouldn't even be there, I don't see why they demand sympathy for a rapist.

I agree with you, despite my personal feelings of wishing for hell on people who abuse children, in practice we can't stand back and allow anyone to be raped. If I was someone in charge of prison management, I would act professional and do what was reasonable to protect any of the prisoners at risk for rape despite how heinous their crimes were. I don't believe in torture, but yes, no sympathies.

You didn't enjoy prison? Oh you poor poor baby.

Guess what? Prison isn't supposed to be nice! It's supposed to be a deterrent! I've often thought that every prison cell should have a sign in it saying "You should have thought of this before you broke the law".

My sympathies are entirely with the victim. I hope she's doing ok.

It's not supposed to be a deterrent, we actually haven't decided what prison is supposed to be. This has been an ongoing debate since prison was invented.

If it's supposed to be a deterrent, it's the worst deterrent there is. It doesn't work as a deterrent.

IMO prisons should exist as places to keep people who cannot be in public because they are too dangerous. The fees and fines attached to nonviolent crimes are enough of a deterrent for those types of crimes. Prison makes it infinitely worse and results in much worse outcomes.

It's like nobody has heard of the concept before that sexual predators and cunning, manipulative, deceptive, and use whatever tactics they can in order to secure access to victims.

Men on the side of rapists rather than women? Well, that’s original and not a several millennia old pattern found across the world. Progressive men show their progressive values by espousing views that an ancient Mesopotamian citizen from 2000 BC would be familiar with. Slow hand clap. Well done, boys. You’ve discovered misogyny and patriarchy. Oh wait, they never actually went missing.

He should have been protected from abuse, whatever his crime. That means segregating him (as all vulnerable prisoners should be) within the male prison where he belongs.

It's funny though since actual female rape victims in prison get vilified in the media and called "Terf inmates". NPR would you like to explain if you plan on covering that story? Or are you going to keep helping to hand-feed rape victims to men like this?