There has to be something so much bigger behind this. The fact that men in charge everywhere are immediately and passionately silencing any "anti-progressive rhetoric" is just something that has never been seen before. Like, is it money? Blackmail? I seriously can't get my head around it. I mean, how are they all so AWARE of the trans issue.

And it wasn't just silencing the teacher, it was deleting the meeting off line and giving the teacher a stay-at-home and gag order.

Like, is this not alarm bells?

We are talking white men here. When have they ever given a shit before? Even about their own?

This is the book in question, like, I can't believe this is given to children:

He voices excitement about starting on testosterone and when the physician says it would mean he likely wouldn’t be able to have children, he says, “It’s cool.”

And these are the "transphobic remarks" that triggered this

As Burjoski remarked that such books make it seem overly straightforward to take cross-sex hormones, Piatkowski interjected to warn she may be violating the code.

The teacher then went on to say the book was misleading “because it does not take into account how Shane might feel later in life about being infertile. This book makes very serious medical interventions seem like an easy cure for emotional and psychological distress.”

At that point, Piatkowski told her he was “ending the presentation.”

Edit I am listening to the recording of the meeting and the board head had no issue when she was talking about books in which young boys were objectifying women and talking about asexuality, but the second she mentioned "cross sex hormones" he jumped right in.

I have noticed this exact thing. Specifically cutting her off when she brought up the second book. I was just thinking, there must be some kind of coercion, threats, or bribes happening behind the scenes, that is escalating.

I don't think it is. I think it's his own stupid ego. He is on a power trip. He knows what's considered "progressive" in today's politisphere and he's doing everything to keep that power. He has the power to shut down dissenting voices, he knows it, and he uses it. You want to find out the true nature of a person? Hand them power.

We know one other thing. People who are undeserving of power are attracted to powerful positions.

Now we know only 4 of those board members actually deserved those seats. Fire the rest.

Part of me always thinks of child porn blackmail. But right wing men aren't scared of speaking out and I doubt there is some stark divide between right and left men on this.

If it is money, why would the trans lobby just throw an equal amount at Fox News, too?

Yeah, I really cannot figure it out.

Back in 2016 there were some radfem on tumblr talking about CIA agents spreading TRA propaganda. The ones that did, though, were termed

I honestly think it’s weaponized victim complex driven misogyny. The trans community has spent a great deal of time and money making themselves appear to be the ultimate victim. Men don’t want to accept TIMs as a part of normal male presentation so they push them onto women. When women complain they are told to shut up and deal with it.

It’s transphobia deeply ingrained in the patriarchy. Men must be manly, and anyone who isn’t is weak, and the patriarchy eats the weak, so they are pushed into the weakest of all: women.

They so strongly cannot accept these men as men that they are now erasing women. The best women is a man. We can’t accept that these men are men, we must call them women. Who cares what the women say, since we are easily oppressed in the patriarchy.

I’m so fucking hopping mad.

Sure, but your average white dude has no idea about this. Every one I talk to on my own instantly peaks.

I feel if you pulled your average middle-aged man off the street and read that book passage, he would be like, WTF.

But every guy "in charge" of educational, media, and sports institution is suddenly super woke and knows all the talking points, etc.

As Burjoski remarked that such books make it seem overly straightforward to take cross-sex hormones, Piatkowski interjected to warn she may be violating the code.

Not Canadian so i don't know precisely what the significance is, but, he actually interrupted a couple times to tell Ms. Burjoski that she might be perpetrating a "human rights violation".

My exact thought. Maybe it’s the first chance they have to “gotcha” women in the gender arena.

The Ministry of Truth has removed the videos of the meeting.

[–] Maplefields 24 points Edited

The corrupt board members copyright striking from YouTube what should be a PUBLIC recording as it’s done with our tax dollars have failed. The recording lives on. https://youtu.be/3oHCrENqBbE

Edit: I just realized my comment was ambiguous. They succeeded in copyright striking the video on another channel, but then National post put up this recording. Good luck getting this one taken down.

Edit 2: the Senate hearing on bill C-16. They shot down all witnesses explaining how it would be weaponized. Don’t remember the order, but here they are.

Part 1 https://youtu.be/wwRWEHVN1QE

Part 2 https://youtube.com/watch?v=-wtDi_4Dy5o&feature=share

Stating biological reality and safeguarding children is now hate speech in Canada. I hate this country so much.

If the only way you can defend your philosophy is through shutting down debate, censorship, and bullying, maybe it's not actually a good philosophy. True good values (like honesty, integrity, and fairness under the law) don't require illiberal tactics to gain acceptance. That's not to say that they won't struggle (we all know that many people struggle HARD against honesty), but they ultimately win out on their own virtues.

I’m growing more and more worried. Soon they will be coming around and charging people with hate crimes for saying anything that isn’t 100% trans positive.

Here's a write-up of the situation from the inestimable Genevieve Gluck. The relevant part of the board meeting is posted here too, in two 2-minute tweets (the second one is the one you're looking for)


I've said before that where I live Canada is so idealized and it has been so dissapointing to see how they act about this...but honestly is more than that, I'm downright scared of that country ( as a place to live with your children ) now.