Many people will be angry with me for publishing in The Federalist because The Federalist is a conservative-leaning publication. I am not a conservative and never have been. I registered to vote as a Democrat in 1990. Since then, the only time I was not a registered Democrat was during a brief period in 2007 when I was registered Green (I re-registered as a Democrat so I could vote in the 2008 Democratic primary and have remained so ever since).

Still, I am grateful to The Federalist for publishing this because no one else will.

This is why it annoys me when some of the women here clutch their pearls whenever a "right wing" source is cited and/or someone like Dansky speaks to a conservative outlet. The mainstream left has fucking ABANDONED US! And they're so captured that, at this point, I have more faith in Republicans moderating on feminist issues than I do in Democrats letting go of this gender madness.

I know people who have left the Democratic Party because of gender and become Independents.

Its not just gender. It's also their stance on free speech, identity politics, crime, ever changing COVID restrictions, etc.

The Democrats deserve to loose if they keep pandering to the "Gender/Oppression Studies" and ignore the interests of normal people

I see it like this... The Federalist is not only exposing conservatives to left wing Feminist viewpoints, but they are quite possibly at risk of losing readers for doing so.

Therefore, in my mind, they are brave for publishing this. Especially since few will.

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People fear that leftists using conservative media outlets will align with conservatives, but what if instead it influenced conservatives to lean more left?

Seconded. All these conversations about how not supporting the left is bad because we shouldn' t be a one issue voters are discouraging at best.

It' s not just about trans, it' s about a lot of things and in general the way they have decided to approach every political battle. They have completely lost whatever critical ability they used to have, they don' t care about the planet, workers or minorities, they are gleeful about censorship, they ignore reality and common sense on many issues (not just the trans topic) and they are happy and condescending about all of it.

I frankly don' t think that hardcore conservatives are going to become more moderate, and I think that the ones who are more to the centre don' t necessarily need to because they aren' t the boogyemen many people think they are, but I am constantly baffled by the idea that the left is automatically better either because they are doing so much for the planet/women/minorities/workers (they aren' t) or because they have done so much for them in the past. Let alone that the people involved in those past fights are not the same that are involved in politics nowadays, but even if they were we can' t keep putting these people on a pedestal for what they have done, we should focus on what they are doing now. And now they are pushing for censorship, destruction of women' s rights, defunding of the police (not a reparation), medicalization of children and LGB, etc...

I am not even sure that the ones of us who decide to use conservative media would ever turn to vote for right wing parties to begin with (because as far as I can see, we still recognize that right winger parties aren' t exactly our friends), but I really do not understand how after the betrayal we were subjected to there are still so many who are willing to defend and support left wing parties.

I'm so disappointed that the democrats have achieved nothing when it comes to climate change other than removing some of Trump's idiotic decisions. They're just marginally better than the Republicans at this point. And they passed the infrastructure bill that on its own is going to be a disaster for the climate since it encourages driving and use of fossil fuels. Yes, the Republicans are worse and will do more damage and the lesser evil is still less bad but you can't just suck less than the other party and hope to maintain support forever. Couple that with the gender nonsense and other stupidity (such as defunding the police) and they're doomed.

The US desperately needs options but the first past the post voting system plus the electoral college makes it impossible to have anything other than two parties

Right? The main argument I see about why they are better is that they are the only ones fighting against climate change as if they were doing anything significant on the matter. They are just re-heating stuff that is already in action (done in the past by people who actually were worthy of support) and it' s just not enough to hold them as some kind of messiah for the well-being of the planet.

Granted, I agree that it' s still more than what conservatives are doing, but I just cannot understand how this is enough to excuse everything else. If they were setting in motion a plan to actually make things better, then I could understand, but they aren' t. They really aren' t.

Abortion as well: yes, they might be on the pro-choice side, but frankly I think they would turn against it in a heartbeat if it became more beneficial, if I understood correctly, they had something like 20 years to make the law more secure and they didn' t.

Don' t even let me start on their fetish for abolishing prisons and the police and justifying their position... with nothing really. I still have to listen to a reasonable and practical plan on how to deal with violent criminals without the police and the prison system. Apparently they all think that magic-word-rehabilitation is going to cure rapists from their desire to violate other human beings. Oh, and the fact that crime is entirely caused by lack of resources that criminals need to live proper lives, so just give them what they need and they won' t commit crimes anymore: I wonder what kind of resource they think a pedophile would need to avoid raping children. Child prostitutes?

Which brings to two other of their favourite arguments, the ongoing process of sexualizing children and the normalization and elevation of prostitution.

I really cannot understand how people still think they are the good ones. Not just better than republicans (which isn' t that difficult), the good ones. Exclusively because they are using the name of the party that was once an actually better choice.

So I'm not American and in my country we have 5 larger parties so it's a completely different situation.

I'd really appreciate your opinion on how differently it actually feels between Trump and Biden. From my side here over in Europe, we were all horribly distraught with trump's election. And indeed every day we just had to open the newspaper for some new drama from him. For four years every morning in my company was spent discussing trump's latest shenanigans, moreso than our own countries politics.

Now, i have become more disillusioned. It's been more than year of Biden and for a pandemic Americans were given some sad cheques, while other countries receive money that allows you to actually survive when you can't do your job due to corona. Biden gave crossdressers rights that he took away from women. But he didn't even touch the damn student loans, or at least change the predatory tuition system.

To my naive European eye it looks like Biden is less dramatic and less an obvious buffoon, which is good okay. But has he actually changed the lives of Americans for good? Or are there substantial plans to do so?

Sorry, I am not American either. European as well. Even though in my country, despite having more parties, the situation isn' t that much better than in the USA when it comes to the left/right dichotomy (meaning that the parties on the right are their usual awful self even though they seem to be the only ones getting the general malcontent among the population when it comes to hate crime bills/gender identity/migrants/EU/Covid restrictions, while the parties on the left seem to be focused on proving that they couldn' t give a lesser fuck about our country and the people' s basic needs as long as they can be sanctimonious and put themselves on a pedestal).

I don' t have direct experience on life under Trump or Biden, I am just a spectator like you, and I tend to agree that Biden is the more "proper" candidate for a leader superficially, but I don' t think he has done anything to improve the life of the general population. He seems to be a master at focusing on things for the elite (like that order he signed the day after moving into the White House about trans people) and make sure that everything that could actually be useful is lost in endless fights. That' s why I am kind of baffled by people on this site defending him and his party (which behaves pretty much in the same way).

And I know, I am not in the USA, I have been told a lot of times that it' s none of my business because that' s not my country. But the truth is that the USA export everything they produce, including politics and ideology. I don' t remember who said it, but it' s true that the USA is a master at selling junk in a nice ribbon and the rest of the west is a master at letting itself being fooled and buy everything. So I am incredibly scared about the way they are behaving because I just know that sooner or later it' s coming here. It has started already and while there is the chance that we have had too much of to keep listening, I think that stopping the flood at the source would be a better strategy.

Like you I'm despairing about the mainstream left

And they're so captured that, at this point, I have more faith in Republicans moderating on feminist issues than I do in Democrats letting go of this gender madness.

But I have no faith at all in Republicans becoming moderate on women's rights. They are hard core anti-abortion and pro-"family" (meaning Kinder, Küche, Kirche for women) and will be for the foreseeable future.

I see it like this--the Repubs are probably going to get Roe overturned. And frankly the Dems care less about that then they do about gender issues, which I mostly agree with the Federalist on.

The Dems have done nothing meaningful for abortion since Casey in 1992. They kept letting it be eroded and soon it will be lost. Ask any woke young progressive (as I did in 2012) and you will find they care far less than about the pronouns and feminine progressive penis.

Yes thank you! I consider myself leftwing but i have ZERO allegiance with MEN who say they're leftwing but just behaving exactly as misogynistic as the rightwing men they supposedly hate. Also libfem women but even in the left the publishing power is still firmly in male hands.

I think people need to stop been diehard consumers and voters. Make them work for your vote. Email them or write and tell them they. The congressman/woman could be living on the bubble (which is sad because then they don’t know their voters).

I think people need to stop been diehard consumers and voters. Make them work for your vote.

Amen. Part of the reason genderwoo took over the left is because the Democrats assume they own the women's vote no matter how badly they treat us. This needs to change

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Outstanding article. I am exactly where Kara is right now. I’m also second wave and every day can’t believe what has happened.

I agree completely with the article and am glad it was published, regardless if it is The Federalist. Unfortunately, because it is right-wing, Democrats that need to read it, probably won’t even know about it.

Who else is publishing anything other than gender bullshit?

I’m not naive. The right is not going to stand up and truly support women's rights or the right to control our own bodies, but at this point, I’ll take some truth wherever I can find it.


I am strongly pro-choice and will die on that hill. But I can admit that the conservative position on abortion is compatible with reality. I don't agree with it, will do everything I can to prevent its being written into law -- but I understand how another person could hold that position.

The trans agenda demands we redefine the fundamental truths of our existence, and never dare question why. Because their demand is so huge, and in conflict with the very definition of reality, they have created the sides: people who believe that sex is changeable, and people who don't. I consider all nonbelievers my allies in this particular war. We may have profound other differences, but we are undergoing an assault on reality itself, which, for me, eclipses other differences.

Very well put, but I would argue the conflict is even more serious than you suggest here:

people who believe that sex is changeable, and people who don't.

If only. These men no longer claim they are "changing" their sex. These men claim they are women and always have been.

They mess with our language, they mess with our heads, the phrase "assigned at birth" has become mainstream, and people who are ostensibly on our side routinely insert the word "biological" in front of man/woman/boy/girl as though there were any other kind.

we are undergoing an assault on reality itself,


Yes, the assault on reality. Back around 2010 or so when I started to become aware of how crazy it is, I still thought, oh, it's just a bunch of marginal nutcases. They're creating havoc all around them but the political-philosophical dimension is purely theoretical.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined the idiocy coming out of the mouths of the likes of Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. Never. Let alone the insane court rulings.

I really hope that Kara runs for office! If there's no RadFem opponent to my Representative next fall, then I will probably put her as a write-in.

That’s what we need for the presidential election! A 3rd party GC candidate who amasses enough support to get invited to the debates. lmagine how refreshing it would be to have a woman up at the podium with a mind 10x sharper than Biden and all the other establishment candidates who are too cynical to care about real issues at this point. I would kill to watch this.

That would be fantastic! I know that a RadFem wouldn't have a chance, but getting our message out there would be sooo great.

Thanks, Federalist. I can't wait to go back to being private property instead of public property.

Too bad the right wing sources are the only ones who will publish these kinds of stories. If we have to choose between working with our enemies and being silenced, I choose to work with our enemies.

Why do you think they won't silence you as soon as you stop being convenient for them?

Why do you think they won't silence you as soon as you stop being convenient for them?

What's your solution then? That we all just sit back and watch the men hash this issue out? If we only speak to outlets/people who 100% agree with us, we'll never be heard.

I am sure they will on every issue we disagree with them about. If they will publish us on this one when no one else will, then it would only be undermining ourselves to sit by in silence.

Hey y’all! This is my first post ! I’m going to go ham on here so bear with me ! 🐻 I just read this article yesterday in searching the internet of anything that would support my views. First, the author is a democrat, and this publication which is conservative and mostly republicans is the only paper she could get it published! ??😩 Second , as a democrat I agree with her, Do I really want to on the side of fundamental Christian’s? the “I will pray for you types” you know “thoughts and prayer” No!🙏🏻 🎚 However, if voting republican will be my only chance of stopping todays madness and fear of protecting women then so be it ! Consequently, I live in Florida and Ron desantis Seemed to be the first to have the spine to keep girls sports to biological born girls only! I really that the only way that me might be able to have our rights protected is trough conservative Christians! These democrats aren’t doing anything to help protect our women being in fear of pleasing the public and backlash! It makes me really sad . 😔

Many people will be angry with me for publishing in The Federalist because The Federalist is a conservative-leaning publication.

Always hated this BS. It's no one else's business who you publish with. (Hear that, liberals?)