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"Level of coverage" might be stretching things to breaking point. There's been a severe, and very confusing to me, silence on this issue in Australian media for a very long time, strange because Australian media is overwhelmingly dictated by conservative outlets and they were one of the early nations to pass self ID (by stealth) and change the legal definition of "sex" (in 2013).

There's been a lot more coverage in America (and I know there's been hardly any in America). I'm hoping this changes, because Australia is the gateway to the region and a huge political influence on New Zealand (where, strangely, there's been a lot more activity in GC activism despite NZ not having the conservative media concentration of Australia).

I think the Sydney Morning Herald would be a very powerful paper to have on side for the entire region, if this becomes a trend.

edit: d'oh, I misread "level of courage" as "level of coverage". Apologies!

Haha, it's all good. I still found your response very informative.

And, honestly, however the general media leans ideologically speaking, if they're starting to be critical of gender woo, I still consider it a win for women and children; they are the most affected by this movement.