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I don't care If people like Anthro animals and like dressing up.. that's not my problem,

My problem is pedophilia and sexual assault

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If TWAW then, obviously, furries are actual quadrupedal animals, too.

Of course it’s some twisted AGP TiM as the lead bullshit pusher here. Pushes his regressive ideology down kids throats and now wants to spread some truly heinous shit like baby diaper fetish and justify it as a sexuality?? GTFO dude. He shouldn’t be anywhere near psychology or children, he’s sick in the head.

Has two more books about Gender Identity and Sexualities:

Genderqueer and NB


I thought a lot of Straight people ( Miley Cyrus) and. (Gay men) were part of the Furries scene. I don't see anything neurodivergent here just another sexual paraphillia.

BDSM communities have a core foundation of humiliation and degradation practices. So this isn't anything new.

In case you all missed this tidbit

In addition to his work with the Gender Identity Clinic, Richards serves as the chair of the British Psychological Association and oversaw guidelines that advise mental health professionals that it can be acceptable to refer to a client as a “slut.”

No joke if any professional ever called me a slut… the things Id do I can’t comment here because it’s get my comment removed.


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The term “the lunatics are running the asylum” was never truer than now. Not even in a figurative sense, either.

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It strikes me that even calling them “men who identify as women” is giving them far too much credit. They pretend to be women. They LARP as women. They wear womanface. They are skinwalkers. They no more identify as women than they identify with women. They know they’re men, they know they have the power to do what they do only because they are men.

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Of course he does. He’s a predator supporting other predators and making children available for them to rape.

What pisses me off is that there's a growing number of people that think furries are just neurodiverse. And most of it is wholesome! If you're creeped out you're a neurobigot!

No, sorry, there's just too much overlap between furries and all pedophilic fetishes. I have every reason to keep you away from my kids and away from me.

I’m still 100 percent convinced most of this bullshit, is targeted around reducing or removing age of consent. Legalise pedophilia. God knows what happens after that legalised sexual slave contracts? My mind is not deranged enough to identify other crazy shit

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Yes. They want all barriers to raping whoever they target removed - women, children, or animals.

This is a pro-predator movement through and through, and "be kind" and "don't kink shame!" are opening the door for utter depravity and harm.

A couple of months ago I saw a documentary about something called Littles (sorry it's in German without subtitles). But basically these are adults that have some serious problems and they have these alter egos that are little kids and they behave like toddlers and children. They had one pair, where the woman was playing the baby and her boyfriend was playing daddy and I found this soooo fucking disturbing. There is nothing normal about that. If you think you have to retract into this fantasy of being a little kid, you're having some issues you should resolve. Age play is not a normal thing. Especially after I saw those people you could see that they all have mental issues that need to be addressed.

And all comments are so understanding and nice "oh its fine as long as they're happy"

THERAPY is what they all need. Not a pacifier.

Wait until you find out the overlap between ageplayers and TIMS

Oh I have seen pictures...after the Aimee Challenor/Reddit scandal I fell down the rabbit hole and wished I had broken my neck instead...

Why do people need to drag this shit into public life? I can't control what you do in your bedroom, but I don't fucking want to hear about it. On the other hand it's great when perverts show their asses so maybe it's best if they keep talking.

Because the internet means we all have to be transparent and visible now, about what we do in our lives, every day, every moment.

It's kind of like those days when you had to wear a pink triangle or yellow star, only this time, you're volunteering yourself to it so people don't have to work as hard to get you to buy the stuff they are trying to sell, if they know already that you like it.

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Because they’re rapists who want nothing to hinder them getting a constant supply of victims.

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