Wow. That's right up there with Amish microwave popcorn (a real thing I saw in the Midwest)

Hahaha, it's almost like humans come in two flavors, with two different body types, like a binary system.. I want to think this is an amazing troll, but my guess is the company gave this no thought and just put all the flags on all their generic merch.

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Instructions: Buy the shirt. > Cut the black part. > ???? > Nice suffragist shirt!

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LoL. Buy & show your NB Pride! Comes in both men’s & women’s sizes!

Yeah and non-binary fools can't wrap their minds around biological sex. There's confusion all around.

If you type in "nonbinary" into Google Translate and try to translate it into Spanish, you get "no binario", which is masculine.

It's almost like it's some kind of sign that "nonbinary" is really just an intermediate step, a "gateway" if you will, on the dark and gloomy path to becoming full-blown trans and sterilized.

LOL, a couple of months ago I read an article in my language about an NB singer (I think? Never heard of her), and every single word about her was gendered female. Pronouns, adjectives, articles, and even the term "non binaria".

It was hilarious.

Latinos and Latinas themselves don't even approve of the term "Latinx".

Hilarious! Contradiction in terms? Proof there is no such thing?

Giving the benefit of the doubt: I can only assume that these shirts are meant for the brave cisgender allies of the marginalized enbies who don't dare show their colors.

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