Why do men seem to be the ones who spend the vast majority of time on the internet? Like they have all this time to do shit like this and much more.

Mot men have house elves, I mean houseslaveswives doing all the work while they dick around on the internet.

Think a lot of THESE men still have mommies supporting them, or are doing that whole "My Twitter hot takes are totes legitimate activism and count as a job, here's my Patreon" grift. Right now it is possible to make a living by successfully branding and marketing yourself as marginalized, and that opens up a world of free time to spend manipulating the narrative (they have to take a break from looking at porn sometimes, right?).

The sheer number of prominent trans names who are just professional NEET grifters who consider getting an actual job beneath them leaves me rolling my eyes whenever the abysmal employment rate of trans people gets brought up as evidence of oppression.

Yes, and I can't believe people fall for that! Like, making FB posts of all your hot takes isn't activism!

Well, they're certainly not helping around the house or raising their kids. And in the case of a lot of TIMs, they don't have jobs, or only walk dogs 10 hours per week.

I found it very interesting to look at this page and also the 'Talk' page where article editors discuss amendments. Very biased and clearly all put together by TRAs. Note constant references to GC feminism (which they incorrectly conflate with radical feminism) as being 'fringe', with no reference to the numerous polls and surveys which show that the vast majority of humans on earth understand that biological sex is real, and disagree with policies like letting males compete in women's sporting categories.

Also, when representing the GC argument, they add the line "These feminists hold ideas that some other feminists consider transphobic,[14][15][16][17][19][124] such as the belief that trans women are not women,[13] opposition to certain transgender rights and exclusion of trans women from women's spaces and organizations" ...

Meanwhile, while describing pro gender identity positions, they never add "other feminists hold that gender identity ideology is inherently sexist and regressive". I wonder why? No balance.

Does anyone have experience of editing or creating wikipedia articles? The page is a joke.

Honestly, I'd say don't waste your time. They currently have an absolute stranglehold on that site, and any changes to make it more balanced would be undone almost instantaneously, no matter your sources. I've tried making small changes on there, things like changing a movie plot description from 'rough sex' to 'rape' when the character was screaming no and trying to escape while being held down and beaten; changed back within minutes. Hell of a lot of misogynists with a lot of free time.

While this is true, an onslaught of women editing pages would be difficult for them to quash.

Fair. An organized, coordinated pushback would be something to see (and to participate in).

Yes, it's super easy these days too as you can edit "visually" and don't need to learn all the weird shortcodes. What you need is patience and sources, and patience to defend the sources. And don't just work on a single page. There is a global Wikipedia project called project women, where they have generated lists of notable women that don't have a page yet. If you create an account, I suggest you join that project and help where you can before jumping into the fray of this page.