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It's The Gift of Fear.

Thank your primal brain for it, and listen to it.

Don’t call women Karens. Especially here, a feminist website ffs.

This is what happens when everyone starts recruiting on Reddit and gives a code to any woman who doesn’t chant “TWAW”.

Yeah definitely.

At the same time, I'm glad they're given an opportunity to see why it's such a misogynistic slur. There's hardly any pushback anywhere else on the internet, so it'll be a startling wake up call for anyone who uses it here.

I think it's absolutely a primal thing because I experience this too and I know a lot of other women do as well. you can thank millennia of evolution for hardwiring your brain to spot threats / danger / poison etc. if your brain reacts with disgust and repulsion when you see a balding middle-aged man with his beer gut spilling out of his crop top and PVC skirt, then congratulations, you are an evolutionary success!

Oh this is definitely an evolutionary response.

I think we react with even more revulsion (compared to non TIMs) because what we're seeing is a fundamentally dishonest man, and dishonest men are dangerous and unpredictable.

not just dishonest dangerous and unpredictable, but almost certainly sexually perverted as well.

Can you please not use Karen as an insult? It's very misogynistic

Yeah, I almost couldn't get past that.

I want to start using Karen to identify all the women people love, that are doing "Karen" things. Like the Ukrainian women confronting soldiers, the Russian protesting woman flipping off police while she is being arrested, etc.

Like every time someone is like: what a badass woman calling out bullshit: Yep, what a Karen. And have them confront their own hypocrisies.

My newest thing is to point out how dehumanizing it is to women named Karen.

People generally don't give a shit about women as a class, but they can see how an individual person could feel hurt and dehumanized by seeing their name used as a slur.

It's been my most effective argument when talking to "normies" about this kind of stuff.


Real Karens ask nicely: Please stop insulting us

Amazing. All I hear is: "My name is Karen and I don't mind!" or "Wow, they care worried about a name when other people have systemic oppression?"

Yeah, my go to is: What is the name for men who do that? Oh, there isn't one? Why do you think that is...(then they figure out it's misogyny.

That my sister is the primal instinct of disgust. Listen to it.

I also find androgyny very attractive. I like men with feminine features, long hair, and a very slender twink body type, with almost no body hair. I'm sure someone will be along to shame me for it any second now lol but there's nothing I can do about it... that's what makes my motor run. The idea of making out with a guy with a beard or chest hair makes me want to puke. So you'd think I'd be a prime target for a TIM but nope nope nope. Any hint of gender lunacy puts me off immediately. I can sniff out misogyny quickly, so there's not a TIM alive who wouldn't disgust me on that point. After the past few years, even GNC men turn my stomach in revulsion, which is quite sad as they were my favorites before.

I agree, and I think it's the mix of dishonesty, the unhealthy aspect of taking hormones to alter the body, and the way trans people lean into gender stereotypes. It combines to make them very unappealing.

I don't feel the same way about detransitioners, so it has to be the dishonesty and gender stereotypes that are the most unappealing to me.

AGPs are the worst, because then you get the in-your-face perversion too.

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I mean, they're inherently repulsive. They've deliberately chosen to reside in Uncanny Valley.

Sorry, what do you mean by: "Karens"?

But I agree with your main point, even the few I saw before I was repulsed by their ideology it was like staring at something deeply unsettling.

Twice now I have been out with friends with a TIM in the room, and we are all: is that a man, that's a man. Because it is just so jarring.

I was just talking about this with my partner. For me, it's more that I just get a feeling of uneasiness in general around them. Like, I can tell it's not sincere, yet i'm still expected to act as though it is. I also get the same energy from them that I get from people with personality disorders (I wonder why), where I just can't relax completely and I feel like I'm walking on eggshells.

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