I know this is a hypothetical at the moment but I don't put it past them for one second that this is their next step. They're already doing everything they can to push the idea that children CAN consent to things being done to their body. They're also trying to convince everyone that children have a fully formed identity by the age of fucking 2, which is clearly an attempt to adultify children and make them seem much smarter and wiser than they actually are. do you see where i’m going with this?

add to that the disturbing amount of TW who identify as little girls and wear diapers and suck on pacifiers... I would say the next logical step in this thinking is to claim that age, much like a gender is a social construct, and since toddlers are smart and wise enough to consent to being trans, and since transage TW are completely valid and stunning, what's to stop a real toddler and a trans toddler from ... i'm not going to finish the sentence but you and I both know what their endgame here is.

Agreed. Abolishing the age of sexual consent is the logical next step after legislating that literal toddlers can consent to legally changing their name & gender and that an 8 year old can consent to drugs that will permanently alter their genitals and sexuality.

Also, I suspect the rise in puberty blockers is partially to create a generation of young people who are legally adults but have the minds & bodies of children due to being artificially delayed with drugs.

I hope I'm long gone from this earth if they succeed at this. I really can't take this crazy anymore.

Queer theory has always been about breaking down boundaries. The MAPs have long been pushing their legitimacy and many tq are all for it (or are them). And if trans kids can consent to life altering medical treatment then they can consent to sex can’t they? That’s always been where this was heading, and it’s never been hidden. Drag queens twerking in school and libraries in lingerie-not subtle the agenda being pushed is it?

to add on to my previous comment, remember alok moid's entire speech about how TERFs' urge to protect children is silly and unnecessary bc little girls aren't innocent, in fact they're kinky? yeahhh this is definitely where they're going with this. i consider alok to be the accidental whistleblower of the AGPs - he says aloud what they're all planning in secret.

[+] [Deleted] -10 points

Pedophiles: Now is my time to shine!

Pedophiles/MAPs: "Ya'll, age of consent is completely debatable. Adult is a spectrum, an 'umbrella term'. Children should be able to decide what to do w their bodies - whether it's sexual intercourse or transition. We have to respect their wishes and let kids discover who they truly are! Tent pitches in their pants"

Vaush: "I agree! Furthermore, with the advent of Socialism, we really won't need of consent. Because the problem is economics, amirite? A sexual relationship between a child and an adult (including himself) can be beneficial for both (he has actually said all this)".

The worst/lowest levels of Hell would be too merciful to these men.

There is space for the ladies too.

Hypnotist Sappho comes out as a Zoophile. Calls her poor dog, her "mate".


This is the endgame of the transhumanists and paedos and perverts leading this cult. The end goal is both the disappearance of women's rights and the legalization of child abuse and child rape, obviously both of these are deeply connected.

This is the ultimate point of the TRA activism, in my view. There are always undercurrents of pedos and predators and many are open about their desires for children. They want to erase age the way they are trying to erase sex. This is just the beginning for these perverts.

Oh, I'm sure this question is coming. We already saw one adult man in California put in a juvenile female facility after his rape conviction...

This has already been done. It’s called “Wise beyond her years”. That’s always the justification used against young girls being abused by older males.

They’ve already pushed to abolish age of consent as well.

And if she's not so evidently bright they can always accuse her of being an evil temptress... even if she's just a child doing child things.

[–] demonista 11 points Edited

Honestly, pretty much every other state & protected category is significantly more fuzzy than sex eg age, ability, race/ethnicity eg is 17 an innocent child but 18 a full fledged adult? Why is 18 the line between child and adult and not 16, 17, 19, 21 or 25? why can some legal adults not legally drink in some places eg drinking age of 19-21?The sheer number of bi and multiracial people (and how most ppl in areas with much travel to and from/with many settlers/etc are honestly mixed race). Degrees & differing definitions of disability and invisible &/or mental disabilities...

It has always gotten to me how we are supposed to take claims of gender and sex SUPER SERIOUSLY AND honor them and bla bla but not any other identity, even (especially?) when co-morbid cross identities present alongside transgender ids, which is a lot eg disability, age, race, species... Like we are supposed to believe a 40 year old man is a female/woman based on his say so but not that he's 6, therefore a young child, which is also based on his say so.

[–] La_Terfa Moid Tamer 6 points

Yes, exactly! Race and ethnicity can be genuinely fluid, because while you can't change your actual ancestry and origin, different places have different ways of understanding and dividing the races. Ethnicity is even more fluid because it involves cultural and historical aspects too, and not just biological ones, and it can be extremely blurry and complex.

The coming of age rituals and specific ages vary a lot from culture to culture.

Sex is one of the most rigid, straightforward things about a person, lol. It's not a spectrum at all.

But apparently, we're supposed to accept that there's a thousand genders and sex is mutable while everything else is set in stone and had zero complexity.

[–] Amareldys 8 points Edited

The next thing to be normalized will be sibling incest between consenting adults. Maybe gay incest first, since there's no pregnancy risk. We've already started seeing it as a popular theme in mainstream TV shows, a lot of now middle-aged people grew up with VC Andrews so had that seed planted early on.

Then incest between consenting adults of different generations.

Pedophilia's further out. But it's out there.

Polyamorous marriages will probably be legalized first.

I disagree- I think that if they continue to successfully argue that children have a right to transition, we will see bills introduced to lower (but not eliminate) the age of consent.

Poly is WAY more fringe than trans. Men would 100% back a bill making the AoC 13.

pedophilia 🤝 gender ideology

that’s why they’re gunning hard for your kids and schools

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