[–] RawSienna 32 points (+32|-0)

Narcissists are exhausting and not only that...they’re repulsive. They just can’t comprehend that ALL other people have inner lives and struggles in life. While they’re crying about their pronouns and given names, some people are struggling with raising a disabled child, or going through chemo, or caring for children and elderly parents at the same time, or trying to figure out how to pay their mortgage after the woke mob cancelled them for wrongthink.

Trans toddler fits are fucking repulsive.

[–] SeahorseLT 31 points (+31|-0) Edited

So self-righteous.

Also - what a weird origin story regarding her "bottom dysphoria"... almost as if... those feelings... could be socially induced...? Nah. Can't be, right? 🤔

[–] fallingwater 25 points (+25|-0)

yeah that was a big "what?" moment. so she decided she was a guy even though she was perfectly fine with her vulva/vagina? and then her mom pointed out it's not a penis and now she has a psychological issue with it for life? yeah, totally normal and well-adjusted

[–] Peachy 14 points (+15|-1)

She read so much TRA mantra on Twitter and Tumblr and now she thinks she special for being woke.

[–] LikeTotallyRadical 31 points (+31|-0)

She is, inevitably, a 14 year old that claims to have an eating disorder and DID and to be both asexual and poly. If her parents can keep her off hormones she'll probably grow out of it over the summer school break.

[–] meranii 14 points (+14|-0)

It's classic teenage rebellion, only when you have nothing concrete to rebel against you have to make up insane "gender oppression" and "bottom dysphoria" (from one comment her mom made, lol, totally legit) to feel like what you're doing is new, special and brave.

[–] Mafalda 7 points (+7|-0)

If I had been as “unforgivable” as my teenagers thought I was every other day, they would have cut me off as adults instead of calling/texting me daily. I hope her parents don’t take this seriously and bend over backwards to appease her. There are still a lot of years left to be a prisoner to your daughter’s tantrums, and even more after that to regret the damage done by her transitioning.

[–] edieandthea 27 points (+27|-0)

She wants to be called a man & a new name in front of her 91 year old grandfather? Have mercy on the elderly...was she going to cut him off too if he didn’t buy into her gender swap?

[–] void 17 points (+17|-0)

Right? Specifically mentioning that she's being misgendered and dead named in front of a 91 year old as if this is scandalous and he needs to be protected from it = what even? If there's any place to allow misgendering, it's in the presence of 91 year old grandpa who just wants to see the kids and not deal with 21st century delusions.

[–] Kittyrose 5 points (+5|-0)

I have to admit I'm purely miffed that person still has a grandparent, mine were all dead by the time I was 14.

[–] ALoudMeow 1 points (+1|-0) Edited

This reminds me of a gay guy in one of my college writing classes back in the 80s who railed against his grandfather because he would ask about his “friend” whenever they got together and how he was doing, but wouldn’t refer to him as the guy’s “Lover.” This was the 80s, people were all talking about the “gay plague,” men were being gay bashed all the time, but it was some kind of outrage that his elderly grandfather was kind and affirming that there was a special someone in his life but wouldn’t use the word lover.

[–] Mafalda 7 points (+7|-0)

My kids’ grandfather, who they had only seen a couple of times many years before because we lived a long way away, called out to my daughter “HIYA FELLA” the last time we saw him. It’s still a family joke. A real joke, the kind where we all laugh together and share a memory. I will tell her she can get more leverage out of it if she whines about being misgendered.

[–] CatPetter 25 points (+25|-0)

That's all it took for you to have bottom dysphoria eh? 😬

[–] PumpkinSpiceVagina 19 points (+19|-0)

This sort of shit is why I often have trouble believing either that dysphoria is, in fact, real, or that the majority of them, in fact, have it, or if they do that it's anywhere remotely as terrible as they say it is. Imagine someone claiming to have developed any other disorder because one person one time said something to them they didn't like! My teacher said I wasn't living up to my potential and I instantly developed OCD/major depressive disorder/bipolar/pick literally anything and you'd sound like an overdramatic, spoiled child and be rightly laughed at and mocked. But like everything trans, dysphoria gets exempt from the standards that we apply to everything else.

[–] Perseph265 14 points (+14|-0)

IKR? If that's all it takes for her to have an existential crisis she needs to see a mental healthcare professional STAT. Unfortunately they're all being forced to push the 'yup you're absolutely trans totes no other reason you'd be feeling this way' bunk or they'll be fired and publicly denounced.

[–] Womancup 17 points (+17|-0)

This post by a TIM is even better

""I'll always support you and your brother, but I can't tell anyone at work, some guys would stop talking to me."

"People are going to hate you."

"No matter what you do, you'll always have man-hands."

"Your hair is receding, you're going more bald every time I see you."

Those are all quotes said to me, a trans woman, by every member of my immediate family. In order, they're said by,: my dad (my brother is gay), my mother, my sister, and my previously mentioned brother. I don't think my family have ever thought about any of what they've said to me, or how it may have impacted me, and yet, I can't go a couple weeks without thinking about one of their comments.

And I've, thus, basically stopped talking to my family. Because you hit the nail on the head: you owe them nothing. My parents have this idea in their head that we, their children, are going to take care of them in their old age or have them move in with one of us, and I refuse. I'm not going to have someone who spews nothing but Fox talking points, fear, and ignorance at me living in my home, or who can't, even 3 years after I came out to them, call me by my preferred name or gender without me asking.

My dad texted me upset two weeks ago, saying he wanted things to go back to how they were, how him and I used to talk and hang out and how much he loves and supports me, yet... He never once called me his daughter. He kept deadnaming me, and even sent me an inspirational quote picture thing where the largest word visible, before I even opened the pic, was "SON."

Personally, I'm tired of the hand-holding we, the trans (and larger LGBT+) community are expected to provide to people. It's 2020, if you can send me a screenshot you found on Pinterest, you can take some time and do some actual trans research. I've given them (my parents) resources, websites, I've offered to set up a session with my therapist for them to come and ask questions, and they won't do any of it. If I talk to them about it, they listen, and then move on or regress into their old habits, and I'm tired of it. You either love and support me and are willing to put in some leg work, or you don't, and after 3-4 years, it's clear you don't, so just like everything else you've chosen in life, enjoy the consequences of that decision.

Your post brought up a lot of feelings I've been trying to cope with, and I apologize for rambling and venting here, but you're not alone. You don't owe them forgiveness, unless you're doing so for yourself, but they don't need to be made aware of that. You don't owe them anything, family is who's there for you when you need them, not who gave birth to you."

Apparently saying that you'll always support your child is a Fox talking point. So unforgivable. Also, not getting offended by people not yielding to your demands is hand holding

[–] inTERFerence 17 points (+17|-0)

I mean he's getting pretty offended by people not yielding to HIS demands, but let's ignore that.

[–] Womancup 7 points (+7|-0)

Yeah, how can you expect him to be so patient and not think he's the center of the universe? How can you be so hateful? He's literally dying because his dad doesn't want to tell his coworkers his son thinks he's his daughter. Tragic!

[–] meranii 17 points (+17|-0)

He's "tired of the hand-holding"??? The absolute gall to call their temper tantrums and attempts to get people fired and cancelled "hand-holding". If anything it's a vice-like grip, with nails digging in, trying to force people to conform to their ideology.

[–] itsnotaboutewe 14 points (+14|-0)

Oh, the poor petal! He's given them websites to peruse and even offered to have his therapist educate them but they still stubbornly have their own opinions. How very dare they!

[–] KissMyOvaries 12 points (+12|-0)

Oh please. One damn comment that wasn’t even bad isn’t going to give you actual dysphoria. This TIF is just upset that she was smacked in the face with reality and it became clear she will never be a man.

[–] CrockMonster 11 points (+11|-0) Edited

Was it dysphoria or was it just being pissed off that your mother made a good point.

These teenagers who suddenly come out as trans and expect everyone, particularly their parents, to suddenly flip a switch and be normal about it have no idea about how difficult it actually is for parents to comprehend what is happening to their child. It’s not easy to start calling your daughter a son and start calling them a totally different name to the one you have been using since birth. It’s especially not easy when they want blockers and hormones and you as a parent have no idea of the long term effects of these drugs, but every medical professional just affirms and your concerns get ignored. Maybe some discretion from their end would go a long way in helping their relationship. Instead of just coming out one day and expecting everyone to get it right straight away.

[–] LasagnaRossa 6 points (+6|-0)

It's not even easier when you've changed their diaper many times and, if you're the mother, made them born.

These kids claiming to be the opposite gender/sex are a smack to their mothers' face, who had to endure their female experience from start to finish in order to give life. And I'm not even talking about the sexism experience, just the biological one.

[–] Srfthrowaway 5 points (+5|-0)

This is why I'm so confused about my sister in law who immediately screamed to me that my nephew is trans and that I WILL respect "our son" about five minutes after my niece (then 11) said she was trans, then set up a pronoun jar, ordered a binder because the child asked for one, then sought out a doctor to put her on lupron because the child asked her to and idk maybe threatened suicide or smth.

She's a great mom otherwise, so I don't understand. Now niece is possibly desisting as "enby" but recent photos have me unconvinced of that claim, as she still looks like a preteen girl larping hard as a preteen boy and failing miserably at it.

[–] ClaraReed1 9 points (+9|-0)

She needs to stay off the internet for a few weeks. Guarantee she won’t feel trans by the end of it.

Also, lol @ no bottom dysphoria til someone mentions it. She needs serious therapy.

[–] Kittyrose 4 points (+4|-0)

That part baffled me, because I have a friend who still has crippling dysphoria now, and she had it since well day one, tried every type of therapy going to understand why she felt that way, that it was decided actually yes transition might help, it wasn't straight to affirmation alley.

[–] AmyHousewine 8 points (+8|-0)

This raises something I haven’t thought about much, because my kids are sane, but ... WTF do you do if your over 18 child decides their trans? It must be even more of a fucking nightmare than if they’re a minor.

[–] antandro 5 points (+7|-2) Edited

WTF do you do if your over-18 child decides they're a rhinoceros? Y'know, they start stamping and snorting at times, they insist on eating grass, they try (and fail) to cultivate relationships with oxpeckers.

Now, one option is to take them to a therapist. But let's assume that modern therapists, and society in fact, tell them: "Well that's fine then, sounds like you are a rhinoceros, good on you!". What then?

First of all, learn to communicate effectively. This isn't an insult! Society teaches us an immense number of unproductive communication habits, from shouting and screaming to ultimatums and sulking. Effective communication is a learned skill. A book like Crucial Conversations will teach you some of the fundamentals for communicating when stakes are very high. Here's why I say that this is the first step: there will be two of you, and you will have a conversation. One of you needs to be the adult in the room, or both of you will suffer. Why risk that important conversation?

If it was mine, I'd say: "Son, I understand the words you're saying to me, but as far as I am concerned, you're not a rhinoceros. Hear me out. I raised you for 18+ years, you can give me an hour of your time. Hear me out, then make your own decision. Sit down a bit, this may take a while."

I'd take them through some things:

  • If you have no experience of being a rhinoceros, how can you possibly know that you are a rhinoceros?
  • A brief history of Bad And Popular Ideas, all of which were totally accepted in their time as correct and natural. Just because society tells you X, doesn't mean that X is worth spit. Social Progress Through The Ages is a myth, as even a cursory examination of history can show.
  • The very serious medical consequences of taking any drugs that mess with your endocrine system, and the essentially experimental nature of such treatment.
  • The features of a healthy community: stimulating debate, accepting and engaging with contrary ideas, exploring and identifying "truth" within a field, examining preconceptions and assumptions. How many of these are present in the rhinoceros-identifying community? Why is that?

Then ... look, at the end of the day, it's their decision. They certainly can't compel your speech or your feelings, but at least you should both be able to understand where the other is coming from. And even if you disagree, you can maintain enough respect and relationship so that in 20-40+ years, you'll both be able to look back and figure out what was "right".

[–] IronicWolf 4 points (+4|-0)

This would once have been seen as normal teenage self centredness that would pass with age. Now it’s a full blown existential crisis that must involve the whole of society.

Gosh, I wish I had something so ridiculously trivial to forgive my parents for. Perhaps these silly children should read up on the thousands of children (some of whom they’re bound to know) who go through incredible physical, sexual, or emotional abuse or neglect. And she’s whining because her parents don’t pander to her delusions.