He would say that.

He’s right, but as usual he’s neglected the obvious and important- that almost all men will belong there also.

[–] Committing_Tervery [OP] terf/terfself 11 points

Yes, the men are indeed always worse. Not just in this regard, obviously, but in literally every other way since humans have existed.

[–] SecondSkin 7 points Edited

Greer’s line about women’s biggest problem facing us was our own internalised misogyny always drove me crazy for a similar reason. It’s a good point, it is. I get as crazy at women throwing other women under the bus as much as anyone, I do, but firstly: she says it like she’s not one of those women- as if she’s a differentkindofwoman and secondly, and much more importantly MEN!!!!

Like fuck, I loath women who throw women under the bus. But it’s MEN who are the problem here. It’s MEN who have all the power. And it’s MEN who will sit back and laugh at any women claiming women are the problem. Divide and conquer benefits MEN.

[–] Committing_Tervery [OP] terf/terfself 7 points

women’s biggest problem facing us was our own internalised misogyny

I always thought it was rape, murder, torture, pedophilia, and every other awful thing men do to women and girls. Wtf.

Pretty misogynistic of her to say. Blaming women for our own problems.....

...I mean, the whole reason women screw over other women is to better position themselves to impress men.

Not to mention that women are driven to compete with each other because men artificially restrict resources and make us fight for them. It's the manufactured scarcity: women would never play along if they were physically and materially secure. This is how all oppressed populations act.

[–] GenderHeretic Assigned2LegsAB 13 points

But there's a specialer place for the men who do so.

Yeah it's men threatening to kill and rape JKR but that's just boys being boys I guess

not his ass speaking. i mean it's true but he's going to be right down there with them 😭

TBH I know that he¨s right here.... but I wish he would just disappear.

[–] Committing_Tervery [OP] terf/terfself 6 points Edited

He can be shitty for many reasons, but I don’t hope he disappears, simply because he’s bringing the public’s attention to this issue more and more! This isn’t the first time I’ve seen him speak out about it. He wrote an entire article about TIMs in women’s sports once; it was actually brilliant and used pretty much every example of TIMs cheating at (and “winning”) women’s sports (besides Liar Thomas, since the article took place before that narcissist started stealing medals).

You know, we don't need men speaking about which woman deserves hell. Fuck him.

[–] Committing_Tervery [OP] terf/terfself 2 points

That’s true. I don’t think these women deserve a special place in hell, I think they just need radical & GC feminism 😩😩😩

I don't agree with some things he's said but I always at least find him entertaining and he is right on this. He'll debate with anyone but he doesn't behave like the Woke Left which will seek to destroy you if you don't say and believe what they want. Raging Narcissist MeMe Markle was whining because he and other people didn't believe her shifty stories and Ben Butterworth tried to get him fired.