I know it’s easy to be sympathetic towards dysphoric young TIMs but they can be just as creepy (if not even more so) than the older ones. The newest generations of TIMs have been raised on hardcore fetish porn and even more strictly enforced gender roles. They are even more openly depraved than the previous generations of TIMs and are unafraid of showing it. Just look at Twitter! Don’t give them a pass. Chase them out of female spaces!

I know it’s easy to be sympathetic towards dysphoric young TIMs but they can be just as creepy (if not even more so) than the older ones. The newest generations of TIMs have been raised on hardcore fetish porn and even more strictly enforced gender roles. They are even more openly depraved than the previous generations of TIMs and are unafraid of showing it. Just look at Twitter! Don’t give them a pass. Chase them out of female spaces!


[–] BlackCirce 🔮🐖🐖🐖 68 points

Beware of these new arguments popping up from mothers of sons, male detrans, gamps and other assorted goons that we need to deemphasize the harmful nature of autogynephilia so that young autogynephiles don’t feel like “monsters.” Be firm in stating how agp harms women. Male paraphiliacs are not victims, and even if they were, it’s not on women to caretake them.

Have a lot of sympathy for mothers of boys. It’s a tight spot to be in, loving your child, but also realizing how terrible males can be. What is not appreciated is when mothers of sons abandon feminism (their own liberation) for their children’s whims.

[–] ShieldMaiden 19 points Edited

Jamie Lee Curtis is a prime example of this. Love her. But she spent a lot of time on social media praising her TIM son for beginning his transition and “living his truth” or whatever the fuck she said. Then a few months later she made headlines for criticizing the plastic and cosmetic surgery industry, stating that plastic surgery is “a fraud” that “doesn’t work” and contributed to her addiction to painkillers. If plastic surgery is a fraud that doesn’t work, how will it change her son into a woman?

It’s difficult because we’re always going to live in a world with men and I have seen mothers raise good men. You obviously can’t control what happens in school and the wider world unless you coddle them forever.

The world needs to change, misogyny needs to end, there’s so much injustice in the world and I’m not qualified to address it all. You can’t change or control everything but if you are raising sons you can try your hardest to educate them (about pornography, about male privilege etc) and not pander to them just because you love them

I feel like mothers today honestly don’t stand much of a chance. Too much is accessible. There’s too much grooming. It’s one mother against the whole world. Sucks.

A close female family member raised her twin boys largely on her own. They have become the loveliest young men imaginable, gentle, intelligent, and creative. I am quite sure her old-school 2nd wave feminism was partly responsible. They played with dolls when little, wore what they liked, and were never pushed into doing masculine activities only; so they went cycling with their dad and on nature walks with him (she's not very mobile), but also did choir, art, film-making.. But it takes so much work.

Be firm in stating how agp harms women. Male paraphiliacs are not victims, and even if they were, it’s not on women to caretake them.


[–] hmimperialtortie AGP = evil 79 points

The only ones I have any sympathy for at all are the little kids railroaded into it by adults. The teenagers? No. To me they’re more likely to be like the Loudon triple rapist than Jazz Jennings. Teenage boys were usually pornsoaked scum in my experience anyway, even in the 70s.

and jazz jennings is, in jazz's own words, "struggling with severe mental health issues."

and has undergone at least 4 surgeries for the genitalia reassignment thing where they flay your penis and somehow try to make something that resembles a vagina. that is a lot of pain. basically jazz's whole childhood has been physically excruciating.

There's a woke church near me that has the following on the sign in front: "Trans kids need love and health care." It makes my blood boil to think these cretins are harming children based on ideology.

What a pitty, that by "love and health care" they mean emotional and physical abuse.

They’re not wrong. I agree that trans kids need love and health care…just not the kind they are talking about. Unconditional love does not always equal unconditional acceptance or approval, and trans kids need real mental healthcare above any other form of healthcare, which they rarely receive.

The healthcare they need is therapy that makes them accept themselves in their own bodies. Just like body dysmorphia and eating disorders.

It's worse than that. Because he was on puberty blockers, he basically had a little boy's penis when it came time to do his below-the-waist mutilation, so they had to use other material to construct what UK GCs call his "frankenfanny." It is a less successful surgical technique and they all knew it going in. I use this now as ammunition in my arguments against pediatric transition -- you HAVE to go through puberty, ESPECIALLY as a TIM, or you're not going to like the outcome. And even if they don't get "bottom surgery" they will have reduced or no sexual response because THEY DIDN'T MATURE PROPERLY. And these clowns call US sEx-NeGaTiVe.

youre right i totally forgot about that part!

that procedure is DERANGED. i know a TiM who has had gender disphoria since he was a very young child and so he went on horomones once he were already through puberty, and then later in adulthood got some "facial feminization" surgeries on their face. is apprehensive about the "bottom surgery" because it is obviously horrifying but it sounds like he is planning to get it because his disphoria regarding that is severe still.

and might i add: that TiM is a terf! he makes a point to always speak the truth especially to AGPs and "non binaries", and also to regular men and women, so i respect him.

why can't all TiMs be like this?

oh right, because they are self-hating and fetishists and misogynist and abusers and transtrenders

This porn garbage has been going on for a long time. It's just out in the open now. But there were PLENTY of male porn addicts back in the day. We just didn't have a name for them.

[–] hmimperialtortie AGP = evil 11 points

Shit yeah. The boys were shoving copies of porn mags in our faces at school in the 70s.

Geezus, college. I say: I was so dumb, I didn't know anything. But really it's - show me you don't give a fuck about women as equals, as human beings, without telling me in words. They honestly think the women in porn are the "real" women, and those of us, flesh and blood in human life, we just haven't been "awakened." Like a woman's sexual awakening is a man she is in love with (silly stupid female!) introducing her to his porn habit, and she goes along with it, because she is literally that naive. I'm not sure I'll ever date again, just to avoid the porn nightmare and the porn hate and the porn insult to me as a woman and a human being.

I was a teacher's aide in the early 2000s for a 3rd grade class (so like 8 years old). A boy brought a porn magazine to class. The substitute teacher found a few boys looking at it during free period. I had to walk the boy and the magazine in his back pack to the principal's office.

Autogynephiles are no longer waiting till they get older to "trans". A significant proportion of boys who "trans" from the onset of puberty through adolescence are autogynephilic heterosexuals. Girls who complain about these boys' behavior describe exactly the same fetishization and sexually predatory behavior as the older AGP het male "trans".

Don’t give young men a pass, period. Not your sons either. Boys as young as 10 or 11 start displaying male depravity and lots of them are on internet porn that early if not earlier.

I recently read a story about boys in elementary school watching it on their phones while in class! Horrifyinggggggg

[–] immersang ★♫☆❉★♬☆ 4 points

That's tragic. Elementary school should truly still be a time of innocence - for both girls and boys. I have very fond memories of my time in elementary school, because it was before "all that". It was childhood.

Yes. I heard about this because it was a mother on here who said her daughter told her about it. So the girls are seeing the boys doing this in class!!

I’ve also read about teachers in either middle or high school (or both?) having boys watch porn in class, and supposedly they can’t do anything about it, like confiscate the phones. Horrible.

Yup!!!!! Immediate example that came to mind was the teen boy from Loudoun County who assaulted 2 or 3 girls. And he’s only a teenager... he will just escalate from there.

Another thought: you’re right about the porn thing playing a role. Boys are looking at it younger and younger. A couple of years ago, the average age of boys’ first exposure to it was 11 years old. I’m sure the average age has been lowered even more. So these boys, from a very young age, are being taught to dehumanize women and solely treat us as sexual objects. It’s awful.

If there was ever a post to emphasize why a parenting circle is needed, this is it. Those of us parenting boys are doing our best to raise them in a culture poisoning them with misogynistic porn. I welcome any and all advice from mothers of boys. My kids have feminist moms but we know that our limited internet safety skills are not enough to protect their development from the worst influences of rape culture.

Don’t give them unrestricted internet or social media. I think that’s the biggest one you can do to help stem the social contagion and porn mind warping at that age.

YES. Same for TIFs. I made the mistake of thinking they were harmless and I ended up getting sexually harassed by them. Their mindset is so toxic and fueled by misogyny and porn. Don't let these people into your lives and spaces if you can help it.

The testosterone overdose cannot possibly be helping. I've read that TIF violent-crime rates increase to nearly match those of men after they go on T.

As a gen z currently surrounded by these TIMs I approve of this message . They are into some of the most disgusting fetishes 🤢 Seriously don’t let their youth fool you they will eventually turn into the classic creepy middle aged AGP as they age. The only difference is that now they have been given the confidence to act out their fetishes in the open and then being praised for being their authentic self

Honestly any man under 25 I super don't trust, they are young enough to be psychopaths and their hormones are off the charts.

This this this. I am more prejudiced against younger men. Idk what it is but they are awful, even the kids sometimes. And they are happy to be violent and most of them start porn at 11 or younger.

How much do their hormones really play a role in aggression, though? I’m thinking of that 81-year-old TIM serial killer who was released from prison and was just caught murdering and chopping up his female neighbor. I don’t think men get better or less aggressive as they age... in fact, they learn to be more adept predators.


[–] ShieldMaiden 6 points Edited

True crime enthusiast here. From a criminological standpoint, statistically males are likely to “mature” out of violent crime by the time they reach middle age. It’s quite rare for older males to commit sexual homicides (including serial killings), compared to males under 50. While there are no official scientific studies that I know of, this has been linked to andropause (male menopause) which occurs around age 50 and causes a drop in testosterone levels. This is why serial killers who don’t get caught right away usually go through a long hiatus without assaulting or killing anyone as they age. The Golden State Killer (Joseph DeAngelo) and BTK (Dennis Rader) are two well-known examples of this. The Golden State Killer was a very prolific serial rapist and murderer as a young man, but by the time he was arrested at age 72, he had not committed a violent crime in the past 20 years. When BTK was finally identified and arrested, he was 60 years old and had not committed a violent crime in the past 14 years.

Before you downvote me, look it up. All it takes is a quick Google search of something like “Do men age out of violent crime?” that will lead you to various resources and scholarly articles about this topic. There are statistical patterns that support this theory, but of course there are also exceptions to every rule.

More and more I support chemical castration for violent men, goddamn.

"bUt iTs bArBAriC" a barbaric solution for a barbaric behavior!

And the world won't miss their seed, like at all.

[–] zenlez 8 points Edited

It's all hormones imo. Puberty/adolescence is dangerous bc higher doses of new hormones on an developing/impulsive/stupid brain. Older men are still dangerous because they've accumulated years of testosterone induced brain damage (metaphorical damage, think thought/behavior patterns influenced by the hormone). This can outdo the effects of their blood levels dropping slightly with age.

It's all hormones imo.

All? That’s quite a presumptuous statement... but you’re entitled to your opinion. I would like to hear from someone who can attest to this possible brain damage from testosterone that you talk about. Or if you can elaborate, I would be interested to hear.

But I also think a huge part of male violence is socialization.

Aaaaaand... another point: when TIMs’ T is suppressed by drugs, they still can be/are violent.

Idk. None of us know the definitive answer(s) yet, really. But I think there are many factors at play, instead of just one.

[–] vulvapeople 2 points Edited

The Dhejne study showed that TIMs are as violent as men when controlling for mental illness, but TIFs are also as violent as men. Maybe once testosterone has poisoned the brain, it's difficult to reverse.

Looking at the state of the world, it seems to me that it takes a lot of social conditioning to keep men from being violent. While men in egalitarian cultures are significantly less violent than men in unequal cultures, they're still much more violent than women. While it's possible it's all nurture, I'm skeptical.

There is no contradiction between their being victims of trans ideology and their being dangerous invaders of female spaces.

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