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Gender and sexual minorities (for lack of a better term) were a special interest for me, too, as well as one of the reasons that I identified as genderfluid and male for a while. As much as I love to be among other women with a similar background to my own, I'm deeply troubled to know how many of us were drawn into the movement, and that there are even more of us who have not accepted and may never truly accept ourselves.

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Me 100%. Dysphoria was sensory issues. I fit in better with guys. How could I not think I was trans with my black and white thinking?

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I really wish someone would do a study on this. If there are any researchers out there please study this!!!

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Dr. Lisa Littman of Brown University conducted a study on detransitioners, and she included questions about whether participants were autistic and gave free response sections to elaborate. The results haven’t yet been released, though.