Apparently feminism now is about beating people up, transphobes and Nazis according to a comment.

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Apparently feminism now is about beating people up, transphobes and Nazis according to a comment. Original thread https://www.reddit.com/r/Feminism/comments/jd5kpx/this_is_allyship_ese/ Archive link https://archive.vn/8bw2Q


Why can't they just say what they actually mean - "beat up women who disagree with us". You know whenever they use "transphobe" or "TERF" they mean women. Just say you hate women and go.

Some of them are actually transparent about how they feel about women though. I've seen TRAs on tumblr respond to the typical "kill and rape all TERFs" rhetoric with "actually, kill and rape all women. All women are the problem". Now what other group of men does that remind you of...

What the hell type of feminism is r/feminism?! I clicked on the first couple of posts and that place is not a place for women.

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The head moderator of that (and all the remaining liberal “feminist” subreddits) is a man called Demmian. He bans any talk about actual feminism. (And most of the other mods are male too.)

It still infuriates me. What a power trip. NO true ally would put themselves in a position of power like that. It’s like a group of white people modding several BLM subreddits.

He seriously bans women for discussing male violence.

I think someone exposed him a few years back for being an MRA. It makes sense.

Most (like 90%) of the subreddit is male these days, including TIMs of course.

So glad to be away from that evil place and on here, a platform for ACTUAL feminism. Truly blessed to be in a paradise of tervery <3 😇

And yet r/feminism still doesn't kiss ass well enough for trans standards. Even with a male liberal feminist who might be an MRA as the headmod, even with most of the other mods being male, I still see TRAs constantly whining in r/againsthatesubreddits about how r/feminism is full of TERFs and calling for it to get banned.

When one supposed "marginalized" group is calling for every other platform of activism to get shut down - how much more will it take for people to wake up?

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Reddit: Where you can get officially male-approved Feminism™!

It’s essentially a satire/misogyny sub now. The name should be “lure feminists so we can ban them”.

Yeah. Years ago I looked for a feminism forum, and found that. I stayed there like 30 sec reading a few post titles and left, never to go back, lol. Was shocked to later find the Gender Critical subreddit - a place of actual feminism.

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Yeah, Nazis and TERFs, basically the same thing. But somehow nothing like that about rapists...

It shocking how they turn it around. They are the ones full of hatred and violence.

There's nothing about rapists for the same reason there's nothing about how punching people is not a moral thing to do. These are not people who are interested in judging others by their actions. These are people who would argue "reeducation camps" would be a good thing as long as only people of certain skin color get placed in them. What is the difference of nazis and terfs? To someone who only cares about using ideology to justify violence against certain subsets in society, why would there be a difference? Label one view as thoughtcrime and there you go. Rape is a real crime, not a thoughtcrime, and you can't say anything about that because punching people is also a crime but you consider it to be justified. So by extension you'd also consider rape to be justified, as long as it's against certain people, because why wouldn't you.

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Downvoted 16 times. Another rational, logical post that is decrying abusing women, is minus 32. WTF has happened to liberal “feminism”?

It’s ok to curb-stomp your sisters? Do you really think that this is what feminism means?

-16 points 8 hours ago

I agree. Lose more support by suggesting violence against women is ok.. violence against anyone is wrong.

How about, since MEN commit the violence against women AND transwomen, we fight together AGAINST violent men? Where is the "let's stomp on an abusive, rapist man?" Why is the anger towards women? Bc we are deemed weaker and easier to win against?

This sounds VERY sexist and mysoginist. I am sorry if this comment goes against the narrative, but the fact is, violence against women is a topic feminism is fighting against. Being a bully does not win allies - it loses allies.

Now, I am fully aware this comment will be removed bc I do not agree stomping on anyone's head will solve anything- just create more divide between women and transwomen.

It is hypocritical to try and make the world safer for transwomen against male violence, but in the next breath threaten women with the same violence.. violence against women, any woman, is sexist.

Is it bad I think the ones for it are so-called male allies of feminism and trans?

Because the only two making sense who are saying violence on anyone is wrong are definitely being mansplained at it feels like.

Violence on anyone isn't a mainstream view anymore, punching nazis became justified forever ago. For obvious reasons, noone dared arguing against that rhetoric, including the vast majority of feminists. So the new acceptable view is that violence is good if it's against someone who commits thoughtcrime. TERFism is a thoughtcrime.

Why even bother with reddit? It's all abusive male fuck-ups who don't know their asshole from a hole in the ground.

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I'm surprised at all the posts we get here of women complaining about something there. Like we learned what Reddit was when they banned Gender Critical. Real feminism isn't allowed. Staying there is like staying in an abusive relationship. I have the domain blocked, personally. :3

Not sure why this is getting downvoted. We are 51% of the population and probably a proportionate amount of internet users. If we vote with our feet, companies will be forced to change. Put Reddit out of business until they wake up.

I left Reddit over the ban wave, but I miss many subreddits. I miss the cute animal subs. I miss art and creative subs. Reddit is the Amazon or Google of that style of social media. It's not surprising that some women have trouble cutting ties completely.

If anyone is still on reddit and not banned from that sub, please point them here and let's hope the actual women will come on over.

Seems pretty on brand considering how that sub is run by men who censor ACTUAL feminist discourse (of course when men are criticized). We all know how much men love being violent.

Oh, apparently I am banned from commenting there. What an absolute cesspool

One of the downvoted comments is saying threatening violence against women you don’t agree with is still misogynistic. Another person replies to it with:

weird how you read the word transphobic and imediatelly jumped towards radical feminism, curious 🤔

Weird. Almost like they’ve made “TERF” interchangeable with “transphobe”, so when they hurl their violent threats towards actual transphobes, they sound exactly the same as the threats of violence towards TERFs, which is what they call rad fems.

Not sure how they’re going to act surprised that we automatically think they mean us/women when they say “transphobes.” That pretty much solidifies that TERF is a slur.

What is an actual transphobe? That word is inherently meaningless. When men assault them because of their genitalia that's called homophobia. Saying transphobia is a thing implies there are people out there stigmatizing people over their invisible magical genderfeels when in reality it's the behavior of TRAs that causes conflict. Their genderfeels can't cause anyone to hate them as they only exist in their heads.

I completely agree with you. I was more using the term to mean people who are violent towards transpeople for being trans. Which rad fems have never been.

Transphobe just means refusing to validate their delusions.

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