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"There are two transgender inmates within the Irish prison system. Both were born male but identify as women. The transgender inmates are both housed in women's jails and are understood to be kept separate from the rest of the prison population at all times."


If "Trans women ARE women," why would male inmates self-identifying as female need to be kept separate from the rest of the population at all times? Why? Hmmmm?

Keep males at risk from male violence in men's prisons, idiots, no matter how they self-identify. Keep them separate from the rest of the MALE population...at all times...if necessary. It's that simple. It's that easy. That people won't speak up and argue for this most common sense solution makes me despair for the human species.

Seriously! If they're being kept separate, why do they have to physically be in the women's building? They couldn't make it anymore obvious this is about personal comfort and preferences.