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"There are two transgender inmates within the Irish prison system. Both were born male but identify as women. The transgender inmates are both housed in women's jails and are understood to be kept separate from the rest of the prison population at all times."


If "Trans women ARE women," why would male inmates self-identifying as female need to be kept separate from the rest of the population at all times? Why? Hmmmm?

Keep males at risk from male violence in men's prisons, idiots, no matter how they self-identify. Keep them separate from the rest of the MALE population...at all times...if necessary. It's that simple. It's that easy. That people won't speak up and argue for this most common sense solution makes me despair for the human species.

Seriously! If they're being kept separate, why do they have to physically be in the women's building? They couldn't make it anymore obvious this is about personal comfort and preferences.

I wonder if they will resolve this by allowing/forcing the women prison guards to perform the body searches. If they throw the problem on women, then it is resolved except for the occasional grumblings which can be shorted out with accusations of transphobia. (sarcasm)

I've found that most people aren't even aware that female correction officers are raped by male inmates. They don't think it's possible simply because she's the "authority" in the situation.

No female prison guard should be left alone with that 'Barbie Kardashian' psycho...

Yes, that is what they will do. The female guards in Canada have to strip male bodied trans and if requested male guards have to strip female bodied trans. The UCCO (guards union) has been voicing concerns about their female staff not wanting to be forced to strip those prisoners.

Trans prisoners get Individualized protocols that the rest of the prison population does not get.

They have made a new policy to replace the old one for Corrections, that is floating around for comment with their stake holders right now, and I'm trying to get my hands on it.

It will be interesting to see what had been changed or added.

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What a shit show men in women’s prison will be (and already are). They better come up with a new category to count all the assaults and rapes that women in prison with these men will suffer (and not attribute them to actual, biological females).

How about “men that say they are women and that we are so stupid to allow them in women’s prisons” category?

I've been hoping to see women who identify as male or not women so they don't need to touch a dudes female dick. Fingers crossed.