Medical care in prisons is inadequate as it is. Now they have to worry that inmates can become pregnant in jail and may not realize it until they're in labor. Or the pregnant inmates might hide the pregnancy out of fear, shame, etc.

Or this could happen in an area with no/limited abortion rights, forcing the women to give birth to their male rapist cellmate's baby.

I fear the need to protect TIM feelings over female safety will lead to female inmates being forced to take birth control or get IUDs when sentenced to prison.

The prisons are already passing out condoms. I fear that this may already be happening and it just hasn't come out yet.

idk. Suppose you are a pedophile and you want to adopt your very own baby and the pesky laws and social workers are stopping you. What are you going to do about it, assuming absolutely maximal levels of evil?

Well, obviously you'll campaign for no-restrictions surrogacy. You'll campaign for a loophole that means looser standards of safeguarding can be applied to men. I reckon you'll also push for laws that give parents fewer rights over their kids. So far, so TRA.

But what if you want to hurry the process up? Even with all the loosened restrictions you campaigned for to make it easier to exploit poor and desperate women, it's too difficult to find a surrogate willing to give your creepy ass a baby. I guess you're going to have to find unwilling surrogates. A class of women with no rights, who can be made pregnant against their will, and have the babies removed from them after birth.

Lightbulb! You need to put rapist men in women's prisons. You contact all the high placed pedophile politicians you share CSA material with and tell them to get working on it.

And the world is so fucked up that you actually succeed.

(I had no sleep last night and am maximally cynical but yes, I am expecting that eventually there will be a thriving industry of prison baby adoptions. And the standards of those adoptions will keep getting more lax.)