I’m so proud of myself! I figured out how to do an archive of the article. I’m 71 and from the age of mimeographing and carbon paper for copies😊.



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While I'm a little frightened that homosexuals like myself are going to get swept up in these accusations because politicians refuse to separate the T from the LGB, all I have to say to the T is, if you don't want to be called groomers, STOP SUPPORTING AND PLATFORMING OBVIOUS GROOMERS!!!!!

Thank YOU!

They are making false claims that the uptick of violence is connected directly to Conservatives though. The backlash was well on its way.

My belief is that the LGB community, by allowing the inclusion of the T’s, has ensured that we are included in this backlash.

Even though many conservatives remained staunchly against homosexuality, (barely) they tolerated it after the US Supreme Court decision on June 26, 2015 (Obergefell v. Hodges) that the US Constitution granted same-sex couples the right to marry. It was a landmark win.

I believe that even if conservatives hated homosexuality, they tolerated us. We fit in with society at large and made no demands on heterosexual people that they could not bear (except bakers and marriage license clerks).

The T’s have upended everything. As we know and discuss on a daily basis, the TRAS have made intolerable demands of the greater society. The fallout of this is that conservatives lump lesbians, gays and bisexuals along with the T”s. They make it easy for conservatives to give full voice to their anger and lingering anger at the 2015 right-to-marry decision.

Those of that allowed the T’s into our LGB circle (I very sadly include myself in this) have made our lives exponentially more difficult.

I feel sick for all of the lesbians, bisexuals, and gay men who are getting dragged into this blamelessly. I simultaneously think the current iteration of LGBTQWERTY organizations are directly culpable for enabling and platforming so many open groomers (and who have also been victimizing LGBs by forcing trans ideology on them). I'm done with Ts publicly bragging about 'hatching eggs' while people who've intentionally made public cause with them look the other way. I'm done watching measure after measure put in place to circumvent children's parents and legal guardians in pursuit of transing them. I'm done watching people cry bigotry and whine about being subjected to the same background checks anyone working with children is expected to go through when it comes to shit like Drag Queen Story Hour, especially after multiple sex offenders have been exposed within the program (and I'm tired of people pushing Drag Queen Story Hour like it should be a thing at all, pushing it into schools, pushing this sexualized misogynistic shit on kids).

LGBTQWERTY orgs? Maybe actually serve the people you claim to represent and STOP TARGETING CHILDREN WITH INAPPROPRIATE SHIT. Just fucking stop. Enact real safeguarding, clean house, boot the creeps and predators out. Stop championing fetishists, pedophiles, rapists, murderers. Stop steamrolling concerned parents. Stop seeding pornographic content into school libraries. Because whining about being called groomers when you get caught grooming kids is a bad look. This is direct backlash to your shitty, unacceptable actions, and it's fucked that innocent people are getting targeted, but the people who have been actively doing and/or enabling these things are NOT innocent and need to take (or catch) some goddamn accountability.

A thousand times yes for your comment. So very well said and every word is the truth.

Two years ago I lived in a very conservative city. One day at a red light, I looked to my left and a church on the corner had a big sign advertising drag queen story hour.

Now, I live in a woke city with blue-hairs and 6-foot tall TIMS downtown sticking out like sore thumbs.

This topic got me riled, haha. I lived in a small town in a red area where this whole "trying to indoctrinate kids and then denying it when parents got mad" thing played out in a microcosm years ago. Don't have much patience for this particular brand of BS left after watching that one go down.

The false equivalency between stuff like "some kids have two mommies or two daddies and that's okay" and "some kids are born in the wrong body, so they need to put on experimental hormone treatments and needless cosmetic surgeries or they'll kill themselves" makes me so angry. I'm sure most homophobes are too dumb to make the distinction but either way we need to drop the TQ+.

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LGB Flee the T. The T is a malignancy the LGB invited in and continues to tolerate even though it is killing us.

Gay men can be inviting their erstwhile "transed" brothers to detrans and be healthy proud gay men who belong in the LGB.

Lesbians who had joined the TCult are now starting to leave in increasing numbers. We need to support them as they support other lesbians getting out of the transborg. They belong in the LGB.

The het women deceived into thinking they might garner respect and equality with men who will never want them need, along with lesbians, feminism. Real, radical analysis feminism that seeks to liberate all women from male oppression. They are not part of the LGB but need to escape the slow death of the T.

The heterosexual men who larp as women, and as "lesbians", are the cancer cells killing off the LGB, where they have never belonged, and will never belong.

So, yeah. LGB Flee the T. Loudly. Publicly. Unequivocally.

Thank you. I really wish people wouldn't lump us together with the T.

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It never fails to amuse me the outrage about the language of an opponent when that is exactly the tool the complainers used.

Oh, how dare anyone use a politically loaded term to describe people they disagree with? Tell you what -- when you stop calling people who understand human biology and child development and social contagion transphobic murderous bigoted TERFs, I'll take your view into consideration.

OK, groomers?

What did people seriously expect with insisting on telling kindergarten kids that they could change their sex? Did the wokesters think that the parents wouldn't notice? It was a sneaky play, done without consultation, and without community communication. Of course it will backfire hard. You don't mess with people's kids.

EXCEPT that Disney has been messing with people's kids for years. They are the among the worst for relentlessly reinforcing sexual stereotypes to kids. Ugh, the Disney princess ideal makes me want to puke. I guess that's why they jump hard on the gender bandwagon, so they don't have to alter their product lines too much.

Trans activists, along with D politicians, are the ones who FALSELY connected the LGB to the blatant sexualized grooming of young schoolchildren by calling FL Parental Rights Bill "Don't Say Gay".

If anyone is putting gays and lesbians at risk, it's the TRAs/D's.

[–] SakuraBlossoms 15 points Edited

They don't care about the LGB. They are more than happy to use us as a shield to pass men's rights legislation. If I had a dollar for every time they called cheating men in women's sports "LGBT rights"... why would L and B women not want fair and safe sports?!?!? It is hurting us so badly to act like LGB people are the ones who want this insanity, and they don't care at all.

They not only don’t care, they truly hate us. They only used us to hitch a ride on our coattails. We were convenient to gain recognition, and then, they played leapfrog over us, kicking us in the face as they sailed over our heads.

The average person is so confused that they think that the T’s are a mash-up of lesbians, gays and bisexuals.

The true tragedy and honest truth is right now, at this minute in time, they have much more power than we do.

Someone else commented here (sorry, don’t recall who) said TRAS are really MRAS. Transgender TIMS (TIFS are really inconsequential to TIMS-they only trot them out if they need them for something) have much more power than LGB people do.

The proof is in the pudding as my mom would say. If they perceive any opposition? Canceled. Consequences are grave right now.

There is a trans identified male on youtube whose video I can't find now. Creepy AF, and tells kids hat if their parents won't give them hormones to come to "her" apartment and "she" will give you all the juicy hormones you want. My mouth hung open as I watched that. Kids are being groomed every day. After they erase sex, they will come for age. This is just the beginning.

The TQs when given OVERWHELMING evidence that they have a saturation of predatory individuals and predators, they continue trying to obfuscate, hide or deny they exist.

It's like they are a division of the Marine Corp: Leave no man behind.

I refuse to take responsibility TRAs, Allies and the Handmaidens. I warned my family members over 3 years ago TQs. Now they understand due to the forms they are handling with Gender BS. Most of them are in government services. Quite a few are cops.

I still remember what happened when Jonathan Yaniv started getting noticed; Morgane Oger was initially telling him to tone down his public period-fetishizing and pedo crap, trying to spoon-feed him what to say, the standard 'transition is a confusing time and I said some things that could be misinterpreted' weasel words. Yaniv didn't listen, and it was only when everything started blowing up around him that Oger decided to make a big show of 'denouncing' him.

JY was used as bait on Twitter, to try to get a bunch of GC and Radfems react to his Pedophilic musings. It worked. Even Megan Murphy lost her shit over what this Pedophile was saying. That's how she got her permanent band.

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