Canada asked people if they were transgender on the most recent census and they counted approx. 60K in the population of 30.5 million. That's 0.19% of the total population and most of them are under the age of 24. So why do you think such an insignificant number of people yield so much focus and power? Could it be just that the squeaky wheels are getting greased?

Canada asked people if they were transgender on the most recent census and they counted approx. 60K in the population of 30.5 million. That's 0.19% of the total population and most of them are under the age of 24. So why do you think such an insignificant number of people yield so much focus and power? Could it be just that the squeaky wheels are getting greased?


The ARC/ARCUS foundation is funding everything including teacher unions to push gender ideology. The culture is basically being flooded in an information warfare-like campaign to shove genderism down the throats of everyone that has the power to implement it.

Nobody asked the public, nobody voted for it. It’s being imposed on us.

It's insane how powerful the oligarchs are. If they had chosen scientology instead of the trans cult, all these mouth breathers would tell us to believe in soul volcanos and a lizard god or else we deserve to be raped and killed. This phenomenon has really made me realize how stupid and cowardly the average person is.

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I'm from an ex-Soviet state. It's not shocking to me at all how vulnerable everyone is to propaganda, what's shocking to me is that so many people in the West think they're immune just because "West is the Best durrrr." That goes for both sides of the political spectrum.

Yeah i really wonder now in what other aspects i might be brainwashed. I used to believe the left was the good people (lmao) although i do remember i was always are odds with their Israel policy and generally their leniency when it comes to sexism of religions that are not Christianity.

I think part of it isn’t that the West thinks they’re immune, it’s that they believe it could never happen here. It’s arrogance.

"How stupid and cowardly the average person is"

Sadly I think that goes with the territory of being a social species.

I've posted these vids on this site already but they are good, so I'll post them again:

About cancel culture - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rvh2rTfWZLM&t=824s

About conformity - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iRh5qy09nNw

It's crazy how one man can do so much damage to woman. Without his money this would be a non thing.

As someone in Canada, this whole thing is why many GC or Radfems don't speak out, why there is very few womens only spaces and why there aren't things like women only bookstores anymore :(.

Yup, the last time I brought it up to a new person they got all up in my face and were quite aggressive. It was pretty terrifying. I don't talk about it to new people anymore.

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Lots of lobbying. There are TIM billionaires (in the US, probably in Canada too... or at least millionaires). Trans shit is a men’s rights movement, so that also helps advance their cause, since patriarchy exists and men still hold power over women. People also think trans rights are like gay rights, and that trans people are harmless. Healthcare/medical/pharmaceutical industries are making a HUGE profit for trans people (lobbying, again, plays a role, too).

Lots of factors going on.

Also transhumanism/ population control

Yep. All this gender ideology and its accompanying neologisms are laying the foundation for transhumanism entering the mainstream.

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I have a prosthetic lower leg on one side. does that count as transhuman?

actually mostly serious question

Canada was primed for the TRA movement in many ways. We have a culture of being overly apologetic and a "live and let live" laissez-faire attitude. All of that partnered with social media and the death of critical thinking brought this movement in like a lion.

Because a law B 16 was passed. Gender Identity and Gender Expression was added to discrimination laws and recognized as FACT.

Now TRAs are working on another law, where TIMs would be placed in Women's prisons with NO exceptions. That means that even with a criminal record of Sex Crimes, they would still be placed in Women's prisons.

Also Women's sports without exceptions.

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The Trudeau government is bizarrely obsessed with trans people. Like, I work in a humanities field and they have this well-known federal grant you're way more likely to get it if you write on gender issues (and you can't get published anywhere writing gender critical stuff without getting a legion of TiMs protesting your paper until it's redacted).

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Transgender ideology is an extremely useful stick to beat women and homosexuals with. You get to openly abuse women and introduce policy's that harm them and make them have less rights and power and to top it off you get to sterilise children who indicate they might be homosexual or have non-conforming behaviours while everyone applauds and tells you how progressive you are.

Only 60K and yet there are 2 in my kids class and I know at least a dozen.

Because misogynists want to "put women in their place" again and Big Pharma/ the Medical Industrial Complex makes money off them. The way the media behaves you would think millions of them are dying daily and 1/2 the country is trans or non-binary. For example, "And Just Like That". If their circle, they have 2 Non-Binary people. I live NYC, I haven't met a single Non-Binary person.

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That seems incredibly low for how quickly laws are changing. It also feels low for how much we hear about them, statistically. Maybe because I work in tech, but last year I don't believe there was anyone identifying as trans at my work, but now there are at least four people that I know of, two of which got hired in the last year. That's definitely higher than the 1 in 300 people stated. A former coop of ours just recently changed her pronouns this year as well.

Interesting to see the data, it reflects what we've experienced I feel like. Young girls are identifying as transmen in greater numbers than young boys are identifying as transwomen, and then evens out in the mid-late 20s range, and then there are more transwomen that are thirty or above.

The binary male/female sex question on previous censuses was split in two. One question asked respondents to give the sex they were assigned at birth, which remained male and female. The next question asked for respondents' gender identity, providing male and female as an option and allowing people to specify if they identified as something else.

"The main reason for that is to reflect growing social and legislative recognition of transgender and non-binary people in Canada. And it's also a response to feedback that we received," said France-Pascale Ménard, a data analyst on the census.

I completed the census and left feedback too. I hope others did. I don't exactly recall how the questions were phrased, but I think they used "sex" in the gender identity question, which I objected to.


Never enough, never satisfied.

"Quite frankly, they're behind the eight ball," said Calgary transgender advocate Anna Murphy. "This is something that they should have done many years ago. They're now just getting around to it. It's great to see it. But quite frankly, it's stuff that should have been done."

Murphy says she wants to see more government and private sector action based on the data, such providing better quality and affirming health care for trans people, addressing underemployment and unemployment and other inequities gender diverse people face.

If they're so concerned about statistics, why aren't they trying to get accurate statistics on arrest records? Because we were told it was statistically irrelevant.

I left feedback and when it asked for my gender or whatever I put "not applicable"

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"That seems incredibly low for how quickly laws are changing. "

Not just that, but the question is how many of these people began identifying as trans after those laws were changed?

ETA : They even use the "assigned sex" bullshit. And "at birth" makes it sound like your sex could be different now from what it was when you were born. It can't.

I also left feedback. Can't be sure what it was but I wasn't happy.

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