Curious when others think this whole thing will blow up and end. In the next year, two years, or more like 10 years?

In my face to face friendships no one cares about these issues and I wonder if it just because I am living in a bubble because I spend time here and who I follow on twitter.

Curious when others think this whole thing will blow up and end. In the next year, two years, or more like 10 years? In my face to face friendships no one cares about these issues and I wonder if it just because I am living in a bubble because I spend time here and who I follow on twitter.


When enough men start complaining (as is starting to happen) about how they were "forced" to chop off their penises, after they realize they can no longer have a sex life.

I wish this were a plague that only affected men instead of teenage girls.

I feel like the puberty blockers affect males more adversely but maybe there's just not enough information about the girls? What is known is that boys on them will never experience orgasm and never have an adult sized penis. Even if they change their mind they're left with less than an adult micropenis.

There’s plenty information on how pbs impact girls. They are licensed in girls-for precious puberty, and cause extreme sudd effects like oesteo arthritis and crumbling bones and chronic pain, even once they’ve stopped them. And we have plenty of anecdotes from gymnasts who were put on them. I doubt anyone cares enough to ask girls if they impact sexual pleasure, or anything much really.

Transition impacts women much worse than men- t has life threatening side effects. There’s some literature somewhere on Eastern block athletes who were given it during training and competition-my understanding is at lower dosage than TiFs, it was to make them stronger not make them pass as a man- die of heart related problems decades earlier. The worlds fittest healthiest strongest women, yet their bodies can’t cope with the side effects.

If anything I think we know more about the way lupron effects girls and women.

The problem is the information is from precocious puberty, so it won’t show up if you search for gender nonsense.

Many adult women have had a lot of damage from taking lupron for endometriosis too.

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Realistically, I think it will be when all of the children who are currently being fast tracked to puberty blockers, hormones, and surgeries grow up and start suing the shit out of everyone who enabled it.

However, I think the barrage of lawsuits will be the final nail in the coffin. The more emboldened gender ideologues become, the less people support them. So I think there will be plenty of events that will destroy the credibility of “gender identities” before the wave of lawsuits.

People are already peaking, they’re just scared to go public with their views. But each time the credibility of gender ideology is damaged, more people feel empowered to speak their truth.

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I agree! It will begin:

1.) When the lawsuits begin by detransitioners and people who transitioned in childhood and are now suffering from life altering complications.

2.) When multiple doctors, government, and especially Pharma companies lose these lawsuits in a very public manner, like with opioids and tobacco.

3.) Also when a major public figure, like Jazz Jenning, comes out decrying children transitioning

I don't want to be too dark but im very worried about Jazz. He's seems so far gone, that i feel if he ever does realize the proportions of the abuse that was done to him, he'd be in high danger of suicide. I mean... I think i would? And I'm not a suicidal person.

But how do you even continue living once you realize your body is a freaky facsimile of a female but without any of the function. Imagine a relationship with no romance and sex? He clearly wants kids and he can't even understand romantic love and thinks orgasms are like sneezes.

Jazz’s situation is absolutely heartbreaking, and I have an awful feeling that he’ll die from a drug overdose, either intentionally or unintentionally. I’m 95% sure that he’s already on some kind of opiate or benzodiazepine, or both. There was an episode in January where Janette was telling him that he has to find a doctor in Boston before moving there because he has to go to get his script refill each month which means he’s on some kind of controlled substance. Jazz also mentioned how he can’t get out of bed without his pills.

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Jazz Jennings will forever make me feel sad. He didn't deserve any of this. He seems like such a nice kid, and he's just everyone's punching bag and perpetually miserable. I want to go back in time and rescue him 😭

We won't know until after it happens. Witchcraft in the 1600s, peace/love/dope in the 1960s, satanic panic in the 1980s, we never know exactly when it's all going to wind down until we catch ourselves looking back on it and assigning it a name.

Even lobotomies fell out of favor quietly, all hush-hush-like, and it was decades until the true horrors of them started to be widely talked about.

This seems accurate. I think there are a lot of people who have already peaked. I think a lot of people will just quietly walk away and try to pretend like it never happened.

To add to what others have said, one of the surest signs will be when the teens/young people move away from identity onto whatever the next thing will be.

Teachers will have classrooms that go from having 15 students who profess special pronouns to zero because once it's not cool in high school anymore that will be that for about 99% of kids.

Right. As soon as it becomes trendy with middle aged mums it’ll die. We all know how much society hates middle aged mums almost as much as teenage girls

I'm curious to see what the next fad will be after this one.

I'm thinking that people might start believing they are aliens. Then we can have whole new culture war around non humans vs cis humans. It wouldn't take much for a bunch of tik tokkers to run with Icke's theory of lizard people and how the lizard people have actually been historically marginalised and slurred.

Nothing would surprise me on this batshit planet anymore.

UK and even "progressive" countries in Europe are already peaking. As awful as it's going to be for a lot of other reasons (a national abortion ban being high at the top of this list), I think the coming Republican majority is going to allow for a lot of lawsuits to go forward and rollbacks on gender-crazed policies. Right now, the only places you're seeing whistleblowers' stories is in conservative-leaning media, but CNN and the like probably won't have a choice but to cover "both sides" as is their frequent M.O. Once it gets out of the Fox bubble, normies will peak.

As the US goes, so goes Canada, although it'll probably take a little longer. Trudeau will have retired from politics by then (as I've said, this is going to be a major blot on his legacy like his father's Indigenous "white paper"), and there is a small yet nonzero possibility the Liberal Party will have someone outside his circle leading the party, and quietly abandon/rollback/modify destructive laws like C-4 and C-16 (which is arguably more likely than the Conservatives not being a complete unelectable mess). So I would say probably within the next 5-10 years for any backlash to really get rolling.

Yep in the UK it’s already happened in the general public. The gov & civil service are waking up, DfE guidance was changed a few years ago to start taking steps to address this, Cass review was commissioned, many many organisations are waking away from stonewall. Some have been very blunt about why, some sliding away without comment.

There’s huge problems within institutions still, schools ignoring DfE, MoJ & prisons and police are a shit show, NHS…. University’s and the young are a huge problem in pro trans rhetoric also. But real people know fine well. And we have numerous well established grass roots organisations to tackle this, who help normal people tackle this.

From what I understood Sweden, Finland, Holland have all changed official guidance for trans healthcare, off the back of the general public peaking.

I think the majority is already peaked. Or would be if they took one second to think about it. When do I think it will end? When mommy and daddy go by they them and teens rebel,

Even with the massive rise in people identifying as trans, most of the offline population still haven’t met many (if any) TIPs so it seems like a niche issue that doesn’t really affect anyone.

I think the Peakening will happen when most “cis” (urgh) people have actually met and talked to trans people - that’s what peaked most of us after all!

As horrific and pessimistic as this sounds, only when detrans people start suing in droves and TIMs start committing violent crimes en masse

Lia Thomas peaked a lot of people. These videos of educators laughing at parents and saying they won't respect the names the parents gave their 6 year old child is angering a lot of people. I send these to my liberal FB friends through Messenger and some of them in positions to share spread them around. I can't, due to my field, but others can.

I am doubtful this is going to end in a big satisfying "wow you guys were right all along" moment.

Online, people are still pro-trans: https://twitter.com/sophie_frm_mars/status/1523370986766487552

Offline, a lot of people just do not notice the issue even exists. I was on vacation recently in a major city and spent time chatting with people in real life, and politics was a regular concern but it was always about whatever the radio or TV or newspaper was going on about, which meant it was Ukraine, Roe v Wade, Trump's involvement in Jan 6, a British minister watching porn, some celebrities suing each other, or whatever was on the menu that day. Those conversations were literally never about trans issues.

I brought up trans stuff with one friend when our kids were playing together and she mentioned something possibly TRA-friendly so I said actually I thought that was regressive, and she sort of nodded and agreed that of course I was right, but then changed the subject. I brought it up with another when she was ranting about the fascist right wing and the need for Biden to save us, so I said the left has problems too & talked about the erasure of women, and she was extremely skeptical of my level of concern. She thought I was mad for caring about such a minor issue and was convinced that the only option is to fight against the oncoming dictator, ie Trump or the republican party. Having any criticism of dems at this point was suicidal. The only other time it came up was that I heard one younger childless relative jokingly mention that "we're not supposed to like her" when someone asked if a kid had read JK Rowling yet, and a bunch of the older relatives were all confused by what he was talking about, and he said something like, "you know, the trans stuff, we're not supposed to like her anymore, oh, never mind..." and it got shrugged off and people went back to discussing if the children had got to Harry Potter yet.

It was not really on the radar or was a tiny little side issue that doesn't count for much. If it turns out to be a medical disaster for enough people, the medical route will become unpopular but it won't have to be front page news bc it hasn't been a big enough story for most people to start with. On top of which, most trans people have not got surgery and some people have been happy with their surgery. It will just dwindle down to less and less people getting surgery, and more and more people identifying as women with penises. Why not? That seems to be working, at least among a certain subset...

I love when I tell a liberal friend who is still TRA that I will NOT vote for any Dem who erases women. They melt the hell down, screaming that I have to, we will have a dictator, remind me I'm a lifelong liberal. I calmly say, "I can't vote when I've been erased."

This is exactly my experience. There are a few folks my age (late 50s) who have a friend with a college age trans kid but most know no one in real life. Our local schools don't seem to have many kids when I talk to friends with high school/middle school kids so it seems like it is just to them "made up controversy by the media" if it registers at all.

My best friend remarked recently that she hated this transgender crap. But we are both old and from a different generation. And what really peaked her was that she is a big sports fan and Lia Thomas really pissed her off. She also has granddaughters and her 11-year-old grandaughter has a trans friend.