And once again “trans men” only get recognition for being pregnant or giving birth.

A penis ejaculated inside of a vagina and a baby came out, this should definitely be front page news.

Off-hand... does anyone know how long testosterone stays in the female body? How far apart would the hormone usage and pregnancy need to be in order to be considered safe?

Every woman has the right to have children or not, if she can. However, I do get upset thinking about any female children who could be affected by exogenous testosterone use while in utero. PCOS is a difficult thing to deal with, and it's irresponsible to purposefully risk that for your child.

Bring back circus sideshows. This is what used to be called the "bearded lady"; it's not a man.

They always try to have beards but the lady fluff type of beards females get just compounds what we are looking at is a female and why do they always want to show off their "top surgery" scares or is it just showing off how stupid it is that their breasts will not be blurred out in images classed as obscene because they now claim to be men so their shirtlessness is suddenly fine.

its all so stupid and gaslighting bollocks

[–] hmimperialtortie AGP = evil 16 points

Gods I’m sick of these stupid bloody people. They all look like clones, for a start.

If he’s a man why does he not celebrate Father’s Day and leave Mother’s Day for women?

i see yahoo turned their comments back on 🤔

Sigh... ANOTHER company to add to the boycott list.

Sick of companies being so woke.

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