We already have a top tier shapeshifting mutant, and HER name is Mystique.

Anyway, running to cash in on a craze is nothing new. That's how you know it's performative.

theres more then her in marvel, I mean if you think about shapeshifting is the most over used ability in all superhero/mythology writing, from the warewolf to Sun Wukongs 72 transformation magic.

Funny how they just draw regular ''cis'' women then slap the trans label on them... they wish they could look like that irl lol

In Turkmenistan women are stripped bare of any makeup and cannot sit in the front seat of a car. Women can't drive even though in theory they could get a license but in practice obstacles are put in the way and old licenses are not renewed. In Afghanistan, women soon will have no rights at all and girls no secondary education. In the US abortion is going to be unavailable for half of all women and girls.

And here we have the progressives erasing even the words to describe our biological sex! Womanhood is going to be defined by what men can be (transwomen are women #nodebate), and as men can't get the female bodies, those bodies are going to be unspeakable and invisible except in porn and in prostitution.

But at least we have trans cartoon characters showing us all the way out!

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Right? He literally looks like a grown up ugly male version of Stephanie from Lazy Town. Oh dear

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I’ve never read any of these comics (nor am I going to) but does “shapeshift into anyone in close proximity” not sound exactly like what the skinwalking Buffalo Bill AGPs try to do every damn day? Mutants indeed. Freaks.

Unintentional self-own. So they admit that trans is a mutation -- that is, not normal -- and a form of identity theft. Yet these are the heroes and not the crooks?

I mean, that's not really a superpower. They always attempt to skinwalk the women in their lives, in the vein of Single White Female.

can shapeshift into anyone in close proximity.

That sounds like an AGP fantasy alright. I think it’s the “close proximity” that does it. They can never just do their thing by themselves, they need actual women around to vampire off or they aren’t happy.

They are so desperate.

I honestly dont care they killed off RDJ's Tony Stark and he was the only reason I really watched their films.

but do they forget that proper Loki is a shape shifter? he is both a mother and a father, he is the mother of Odins 8 legged horse for a start, why dont they feature that in a storyline, Loki gets raped by a stallion and then is forever reminded of that by father Odin using the offspring as his warhorse. now thats a proper Trans he really can change sex at will and species. or do they not want to upset the furies and trans with a proper Loki story because they can never be like Loki.

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