It destroyed friendship(s)
It's caused issues in my friend group
It's straining my family relationships
Not really
No but it affects dating or making new friends


I already have to mask my autism and I simply do not have the energy to play along with made up gender bullshit so I've stopped interacting with the friends I had who've become obsessed with it. They suck the energy from the room and can't figure out why nobody wants to be around them now.

Many TRA women are going to wake up one day and realize they chased away all the women who cared about them and I can't say they'll ever get them back

Oh I’m waiting for them to wake up. Unfortunately I can’t tell them I’m a radfem because it might ruin my life, but I think they know. I said controversial things like “I don’t understand how you can ‘feel’ like a woman” long before it was verboten. I hope they remember that when they’ve peaked and come apologising.

Of course for now I’m hoping they don’t remember it because these people do like cancelling wrongthink.

Yeah... A good childhood friend. An educated, articulated, sharp and smart woman. She moved to the US and is now doing a PhD in queer latin studies something like that... What a waste of intellect.

I dropped a friend who became a TIM. It was tragic, he started out as one of the least sexist men I'd met, hence us being friends. Once he transed out it was a frog boiling slowly situation, i didn't even initially notice how sexist he was becoming. But once i terfed out (thanks JKR) i saw more and more that he had become a misogynist scrote who thought his discomfort with masculinity made him a layyydeee. When he said something especially sexist, i just told him I'm done and blocked him on everything.

If this all comes crashing down and he realizes that sex exists despite him having AGP I'd be open to reconnect. He was already suffering from absolutely insane health problems at a young age and as someone athletic. It only occurred to me afterwards that that was likely the hormones destroying his health.

But i will never ever reconnect if he's still doing womanface, nah uh. I also won't call a man she unless I'm forced for work, which i fear already. Luckily I'm not in a TIM friendly work environment lol

I realized i prefer my own presence, I'd rather be alone than hang with a misogynist in womanface.

I also won't call a man she unless I'm forced for work, which i fear already.

This reminds me of something that bothers me. We have a transwoman at work and I don't mind him, he's very nice and when I had my first day there, was the only one who came up to me to introduce himself and shake my hand. We are not friends, so I would call him "she" to be polite. It's some old guy who looks like he's into the drag scene in the large city, a scene I despise. But it's work and as I said, we are not friends, so I'm not bringing it up because there is no point.

BUT: I have coworkers, old guys as well, but really sexist. I work closely with one of them and I do call out his bs, but he keeps making sexist jokes and remarks. OF COURSE he also is very critical of the transwoman and keeps calling him "it", "him" and so on, and making remarks like "he.. or whatever it is", or snorting in a derogatory way. Which annoys me because it seems to be done for the wrong reasons, for example how can a man want to degrade himself to be a woman, ugh. What can I say? The thing I hate is that what seems like an ally ALSO is an asshole. It's so difficult these days to find people with balanced opinions that do not blatantly fall into either this or that extreme. And sometimes I feel like to take a stance, we have to group up with people we also despise but who do cover a certain important base. Elections for example have always felt like chosing one bad over the other, but these days, it seems so much more obvious. Why are so many just walking cliches?

Can you get away with calling the TIM a man? Even nice TIMs just aren't freaking women.

And about the other colleague, yeah sadly just being able to see reality doesn't automatically make you a good person. Although I'm coming to the point where i prefer talking to older conservatives over talking to leftist people my own age, despite me being a leftist at heart. But young leftists are possibly the least fun and interesting group of people i have met.

Latin and genderqueer pronouns.

That could get very very funny.

Right? The saddest thing is watching her play the oppression Olympic. Yes, we both grew up in Latin American but she and her family were not precisely poor indigenous people. They were far from that, and i dare to say her family was doing better than 99% of people in the country.private school, private university, own car, two houses , a freaking maid.... I mean. Let's not pretend we were poor oppressed latin women. If she really cared for indigenous folk, there would be plenty to do back home within the communities. But fending against mosquitoes and diarrhea in some abandoned village is far less glamorous than writing about it from some nice foreign university office, isn't it?

I am not going to lie to you, I do hate Latin American (especially from Central America where I am originally from) who act like they were poor as shit when they lived there. I can admit that as a kid, the first 6 years of my life I lived as if I were upper middle class. Once I moved to the US, that is where I became working class or working poor. My mom was a single mother at the time, with no college degree working two jobs here in the states. I readily admit, if people ask about my childhood in my home country, that I was upper middle class.

I hate when there are Latinas who act like their childhood was shit, yet they look down on everyone else. That is how you can tell who really had a shitty childhood vs those who try to win oppression points.

Oh I was thinking of the language. I remember none of it from high school except how impossible it was. Trying to tailor that around ze/zir blah de blah, rather than the gender neutral, masculine or feminine nouns, could have great comic value.

queer latin studies



"Latinx Great Migrations."

Latinx is a colonizer word of both Spanish and English. English speakers already had a gender neutral word- Latin. Spanish is a gendered language. If enough people wanted to change it, they could use a term that can be easily pronounced in Spanish. As it is, it's easier to say in English. It is the most awkward, clumsy, silly word.

My partner is Latino and he always says latinx is a slur and it drives him insane that so many companies use the word over Latin/Latino/Latina

Also it just proves how effing stupid the identity policing is. Masculine and feminine words don’t mean that they’re boy or girl words, it’s how the language is structured and helps form the other words around them.

I think the “other cultures have more than two genders” thing comes down to how some languages have multiple “genders” - or multiple noun classes. They don’t literally think that the culture has more than two genders

Reminds me of PCU, where the dean talks about dedicating a new building to bisexual Asian studies.

One of my closest friends introduced me to someone who went by “it” pronouns exclusively. I very bluntly said “I’m not calling her that” and after a big argument that exploded (with the “it” crying because I had refused to dehumanize her) that was the end of a friendship.

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Right after I broke up with my ex after he AGPified himself and emotionally destroyed me for the better part of the year, I lost my mind a little and told some friends what had happened. I lost a 16 year friendship and possibly a 20 year long friendship.

I’m very bitter that him having a fetish and me being emotionally abused has caused ME way more fallout in my life than him. He’s being praised as stunning and beautiful and I have to hide what he did to me from all but 2 of my friends if I want to keep them. I also lost most of my college friends as I went to an honestly ridiculously liberal college, but I don’t care much about them and two of them are TIFs so honestly good riddance.

I don't think it destroyed any friendships but I definitely blocked a lot of people on social media because they never stfu about tra garbage. The funny thing is they're not like that irl, these friends are super chill and never bring up trans shit outside of social media. They're being brainwashed by the internet because, god bless them, they never quite mastered the art of critical thinking.

I used to not mind having stupid friends, they're nice and funny, why would it matter? But now? I feel like I'm friends with flat earthers and anrivaxxers. They're so stupid, but they're sweet.

My family is sick of hearing me go on and on and my friends are watching from the sidelines, horrified. I have only one friend not captured by the gender woo. Another good friend of mine said she was alarmed when I started posting gc stuff but we've had discussions around why I feel this way and she seems to understand - she still thinks I'm somewhat misguided on the subject. And lastly, my stepsisters, both full on TRAs, my eldest sister has called me out on things I've posted but I think she is this close to peaking. She reposted something I did, it said, "why menstruators and not ejaculators"? She asked her followers why they think this language stuff is only in "femme" spaces and not in mens. I asked her to share the answers she got and she told me all of her closest friends looked at it but NEVER REPLIED. huh, color me surprised - they can't form an answer that wouldn't be full of cognitive dissonance. She is really against the patriarchy so I think appealing to her nature in this way is what would peak her.

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I simply said ''I stand with JKR'' after it was reported that she was receiving rape and death threats. An entire group of relatively close acquaintances has not spoken to me since. Two other friends cornered me on a call but agreed to disagree after a long conversation.

The crazy part is I didn't say anything about gender ideology, just that I supported a woman receiving threats.

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I removed a former friend turned TIM who I went to school with years ago and was good friends with. He expressed he'd still want to be friends with me after we got into an argument, but I just couldn't remain on friendly terms with someone who claims there are no biological factors to being a woman o_O I'd always considered him the "smart kid" and am still puzzled how someone like him can think that. I really hope he comes around before he makes irreversible damage to his body.

Otherwise, most people I've talked to agreed with me.

These are all online encounters of course. It's much different in real life, people have no idea about any of this trans shit, and the ones that do think it's ridiculous. The only girl I've talked to that brought it up herself brought it up to show her support for JKR. So if anything, one of my friendships got stronger for showing my stance.

puzzled how someone like him can think that

Thinking with your dick completely bypasses your brain. Also, he fried his brain with porn, so he's probably not the same intelligent guy you knew before.

Yes, and its causing issues meeting new people.

That too but in a good way. Before i even meet with a potential date i ask something about TIMs and about porn. Easy way to sort out gross misogynistic pigs ;)

I lost one of my best friends. We were friends for over 15 years. And it was kind of like a divorce, because our friends were intertwined, so I lost other friends too.

I've had to quietly let one of my friendships die because she was eyeball deep in libfeminism and trans Kool Aid. She'd made posts on Facebook in open support of Liar Thomas and once I saw that I knew there was no way I could continue being friends with her if she actively supports a man stealing medals away from female athletes and who enjoys being naked in front of his teammates in the locker room. Its evidence of complete cognitive dissonance and reality denial which is all the more tragic because I know she's a lot more intelligent than that.

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