I feel like most people would be fine with measures like these (though I'm not sure about making the girls wait), the problem is we've gotten into a "give them an inch and they'll take a mile" scenario.

I think the possible benefit of his suggestion of a possible solution being girls wait while the transgirl uses the changing room, means schools would have to consider the opposite scenario also- and as transboys out number transgirls by a lot, then keeping boys waiting while girls change in the space first, and have sanpro bins in their also etc, brings home how ludicrous a lot of this is.

Some of it is good, some definitely not as good (girls waiting for changing rooms..) But it matters that he’s speaking up and not pretending there’s no difference between transgirls and actual girls. And that girls safety needs prioritised. I think it’s one of these steps to pave the way for more changes.

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School uniforms should already be allowed for both sexes- Let's be honest, nobody would want to wear the women's uniform except men in summer.

I find this encouraging. While not a perfect policy by any means, he is at least trying to ensure the privacy and dignity of females.

I think segregating the school uniforms is wrong at a base level. They should just provide it by request on clothing item. I guess the girls uniforms are more economic for poorer people so it might be signifying economic status (in the far future) but currently the distribution is wrong. The proposed allocations of services are probably also a semi-reasonable alternative to providing third unisex ones.