Oh wow, she really went for it!

In the case of these Google reviews, Mangano notes that “[h]istorically women saying ‘no’ to men posed a great threat to their well-being and safety. As we can see here times have not changed. Seemingly innocuous men are forcing themselves onto us and the voices of the women who feel intruded upon are being trampled over by hate speech and biologically inaccurate chants. Hurling insults and chanting ‘trans women are women’ isn’t contributing to the conversation. These are hostile oppressive tactics that are being fostered by the trans community to scare women into silence. Any woman who is protesting my store this weekend and calling herself a feminist is delusional. The trans movement is misogyny of the highest degree.”

Wow wow wow wow wow!!!!

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If you support this shop you are supporting a TERF and an abuser, if you steal from it you’re a hero.

No you dumb fuck theft is still a crime even if you don't like the person you're stealing from 🙄

The business is Artifacts Gallery in Athens, Ohio. The owner is Amy Mangano, and it sounds like she’s been reading Ovarit!

She doesn’t have a website, but you can leave a review for her business on Google Reviews.

ETA: As of right now, the Yelp reviews are still open, so you can leave a review there too.

I looked on the Google reviews and she is getting down rated a lot. I gave her a 5 star to do my part to offset the misogynists in the comments.

I’ve 5* her too. Poor woman is getting obliterated by women. How have we confused women so much into turning on their own in favour of men in dresses. Very sad

Wow... on google there are like at least 100 reviews calling her a TERF (all capital letters, too. Might as well yell, “WITCH!!”).

The truth hurts. I bet she's witnessed for herself how predatory they are. I hope her business doesn't collapse because of this.

Not only am I so glad this business owner was able to confidently speak her mind, I am thrilled that the newspaper gave her plenty of space to defend herself. I hope she feels like they accurately portrayed her.

Wow!!! Unapologetic and pushing back!! Good to see. Does she have a GoFund me? I would contribute.