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Removed for Rule Number One: Opinion must be unpopular.

Interesting, so this is not an unpopular opinion at all. According to Reddit.

I think Reddit is a TERF.

They just say that to remove any opinion they don't like. They even removed my partner's opinion that sushi is best eaten warm. Like come on

Reddit has gotten so ridiculous with their rules and restrictions it's unusable to me at this point.

Replace "reddit" with "the internet". There really are no forums anymore, where people speak openly and authentically. It's all just tribal fighting & virtue signaling.

They even removed my partner's opinion that sushi is best eaten warm.

There is not a professional on this earth qualified to help your partner through whatever hurt them so severely they decided that WARM SUSHI is good 🤢

But for real I agree they just remove what they disagree with. Reddit is modded by TRAs


That's a perfect unpopular opinion. Warm sushi sounds gross to me but it's harmless.

Yep but they only like the 'woman bad' opinions. The most ridiculous I've seen is 'men are the real victims of sex trafficking because they get manipulated into spending money on prostitutes' 🤢

I do like some warm sushi rolls. Like baked/deep fried ones. Or unagi. insert Friends Ross gif here

I feel like she's saying that her partner prefers their normal sushi warmed, rather than the rolls that are created with the intention of being eaten warm in mind, which is entirely different.

Lol, what? This can't be a serious comment, reddit is the exact opposite of a TERF.

That comment could not possibly be any more sarcastic

Yup, this is their way of saying that the mainstream continues to be unevolved and oppressive and trans are the victims, not the bullies.

Yet you’re unable to post it on Reddit without including “because it ruins my porn!”

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I archived the OG thread that made it to the main page on Reddit. By the time the archive was complete the Reddit Mods removed the post obviously because it makes the Transgender Cult look bad therefore making the post truly unpopular on Predd it ... Anyway here is the OG posters post

Chest feeding? Birthing Bodies? It's like something out of a dystopian novel. For real. I've never seen such dehumanizing language in my life, there's just something so absolutely gross and repulsive about reducing people down to "bodies" and "bodies with vaginas", it's completely lacking in any semblance of humanity. However, I do find it rather hilarious, at least from my observations, that this dehumanizing language is almost routinely applied to women in particular. Birthing People, Pregnant People, Bodies with Vaginas (but there was no 'Bodies with Penises'), Chest Feeding. It's almost as if any semblance of organic womanhood is being totally and completely erased on the whim of complete wank, and I have no doubt in my mind that this wank will be used to further advance repealing women's sex-based rights and protections. How the fuck such an extremely tiny, miniscule, microscopic sect of humanity has managed to have this much control over all discourse is beyond me and my canuck brain. Women have every right to be upset over this complete nonsense, I would be too. A term isn't inclusive if it offends 99.5% of people.

omg finally men speaking up

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It could be a woman pretending to be a man because she knows that if she dared to say this as a woman on Reddit she would get doxed and harassed and threatened with rape and death.

I have done that before

They shouldn't be rewarded and praised for doing the bare fucking minimum.

I'm not praising them, just glad to finally see it. They should have been doing it all along.

It's not just that those terms are dehumanizing that is bad. They also make it impossible to mention female sex and so they make it impossible to understand sexism and sex-based oppression. They dehumanize women and then they erase women as an embodied definition, and the latter is true even if "people" are used. Suddenly being a female person or being a woman becomes undefined, and then it becomes something based on sexist stereotypes and rigid gender boxes. Back into the 1950s except for special full people who are enbies now.

To have one's whole sex erased is much closer to having one's existence denied or erased than when TRAs argue that any questioning erases their existence. The mistreatment women in Afghanistan face is sex-based, the mistreatment women in US face (when Roe is overturned) is sex-based. And now we are not even allowed to define ourselves.

And the silencing happens again.

They're acting as if the word 'woman' is a slur.

Lolololol the more airtime they get the more people they peak

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

I get pissed off that people can say they feel like a woman on the inside...when (still, sadly) literally half of an actual woman's life experience is how OTHERS perceive her.

Have you been sexually objectified since birth? No. Did you worry about starting your period and embarrassing yourself in the process? No. Were you looked over for leadership roles due to what was between your legs? No. Were you expected to shut up, smile, do chores and babysit for free all because of your vagina and what it means to society? NO.

You're not a woman just because you feel like you are one. Being a woman is also about how you experience life and it pisses me off that guys who like make up and women's clothing think that that's all there is to it. Fuck off. Stop stereotyping us, and romanticizing what you think womanhood is, it's an insult.

Do you have the right to dress your body any way you see fit? Absolutely. Do you have the right to pay for cosmetic surgery to make yourself feel better? Yes!

Do either of those things make you male or female? No.

This you, OP?

Reddit and twitter can censor us, but they can't stop us from thinking these things and knowing them too be true. Mainstream social media is run by misogynists.

Also: It's breast feeding. Men have breasts too. Men get breast cancer. I've known men who got it and who were turned down by every major charity because of the stupid, convoluted belief that "breasts" are exclusive to women. They aren't. We don't own the rights to have breasts. Everyone can have breasts and it's not shameful.

Been saying this for ages. "Breastfeeding" doesn't need a new word. (Well I can't speak for the charity part of the quote.) But good golly. The Lobby truly treats gynecomastia as if it does not exist

Sorry, this post has been removed by the moderators of r/unpopularopinion.

Well that was expected...


This one topic right here proves TRAs are insane. Men have breasts. Breasts that develop differently from women's breasts, but breasts nonetheless. If a man manages to breastfeed...it's breastfeeding. The fact that they can't even handle a unisex term proves they're unhinged.

lmao it was removed from r/unpopularopinions for being too unpopular.


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