[–] Eava 25 points

The media seems to be obsessed with promoting phaloplasty. The New Yorker piece, and now this.

It’s terrible. One of the highest complication rates of any surgery, it’s barbaric to promote it. Shame on them!

I mean I’m glad they’re publishing it to be honest, even if it’s extremely biased. Most people are going to read this and be like… wtf??? They’ll realize these are unjustified surgical interventions on the mentally ill. Not surprised they didn’t open comments.

Seriously, that New York Mag piece was horrifying. That woman was so obviously mentally ill, you would think there would be mass denunciation.

They really should open the comments.

[–] goodyusername Team Terflair 8 points

If you can call this "promoting". It's not pretty. Notice they have comments turned off, because the majority would be disgusted.

I think it is promoting, there is so little push back about whether this is necessary, they don't feature a TIF who had terrible complications. In the end Ben is so happy he has a penis he can't stop playing with.

It is a little confusing though---the article overall has many unfavorable details. I'm really surprised they kept both parts even about 'ben' deciding she's trans while drunk. That does not look good.