I couldn't agree more. The focus on "genitals" as the object of sexual orientation seems weird to me, the product of a kind of Mx Potato Head view of humanity. It's men I'm attracted to, not penises, which actually are kind of off-putting until the action begins.

I agree. The idea of "genital attraction" seems to come from Mr Potato Head and porn. Most straight and bi women I know think penises and balls are funny looking and sort of pathetic from an aesthetic point of view. It's the whole package that's appealing. But if asked about which body parts of men are most alluring, most straight women will cite something other than the the genitals.

I may not be enamoured with penises visually, think about them idly, or elevate them to the extent any given man does, but I sure require one when I’m having sex.

It’s the male sex organ. Saying only “some” straight women want men with dicks is truly bizarre.

True...the erect penis when you're aroused is much better than a silly photo centerfold of it while flaccid and kinda sad.