At 4-foot-10 and 97 pounds, he felt he had certain disadvantages. “Women don’t like short men,” he said. “I kind of had to give myself all the edge up on the competition I could get.”

This is tragic. Ben is a "man" with the height of an average fifth-grade boy and a permanently strapped-on strap-on dildo. This is one of the instances in which the word "pansexual" is useful, because Ben's dating pool consists entirely of women who are pansexual—that is, open to any kind of genitals (including surgically constructed genitals) and any combination of primary and secondary sexual features. Not a lot of women match this description.

Of course, Ben could be 6'1" with the physique of a Greek god, and she'd still be frozen out of her desired dating pool because straight women like dick. This is a hard lesson that most lesbians learn early on: most of the people you find attractive simply will never be attracted to you, even if you yourself are conventionally attractive, funny, kind, successful, et cetera. That's just how sexual orientation works.

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Or possibly the Jazz Jenningses of the world who also severely stunted their growth and have no idea what sex is supposed to be like before having vaginoplasty.

I don't know how any adult can morally do these surgeries on young people who have no concept of what sex should be like. No, it is not about external validation---which both Jazz and "Ben" are clearly relying on. The adults in the room have no real empathy.

The adults in the room are criminals and abusers. I honestly don’t understand how this is medically ethical or for that matter ethical full stop.

As for the OPs point, I would think that the number of people willing to have sex with a person with mutilated genitals that have been formed into a bad simulacrum of the genitals of the opposite sex would be vanishingly small. Smaller than the population of trans people pre social contagion.

Sex is about reproduction even when specific instances of sexual activity and sexual orientation aren’t directly about reproduction. The human sex drive and the drive for a reasonably healthy partner would instinctively preclude deformed or fake genitals.

I really hope that the doctors and others who have participated in this go to jail. They deserve to.

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Oh God ew sex between two post-op TIPs rubbing their wounds together 🤮