The adults in the room are criminals and abusers. I honestly don’t understand how this is medically ethical or for that matter ethical full stop.

As for the OPs point, I would think that the number of people willing to have sex with a person with mutilated genitals that have been formed into a bad simulacrum of the genitals of the opposite sex would be vanishingly small. Smaller than the population of trans people pre social contagion.

Sex is about reproduction even when specific instances of sexual activity and sexual orientation aren’t directly about reproduction. The human sex drive and the drive for a reasonably healthy partner would instinctively preclude deformed or fake genitals.

I really hope that the doctors and others who have participated in this go to jail. They deserve to.

The human sex drive and the drive for a reasonably healthy partner would instinctively preclude deformed or fake genitals.

There's enough fetishistic men, in part thanks to porn, who would probably stick their dicks into a surgically created hole in the body of a man. I mean, men are into female genital mutilation, too, just saying.

Doesn't help the boys who will never have any sexual function, though - they won't derive joy from it. And who wants to have sex with a fetishist, anyways?

And yeah, women aren't into mutilated genitals.

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The majority of people have no interest in dating a trans person. I think it goes well beyond reproduction or what genitals look like. There needs to be compatability on a human level. The type of sex you like is one thing and the type of a person you like is another and I feel like with a trans person... those two things will just never, ever really allign. You will have non-functioning genitals in a facsimile of the type of person you feel romantically compatable with. Even the ones who pass really, really well.. there is always some give away.

I suspect the vast majority of "pansexual" people make such a claim because it sounds edgy and open minded but in reality have had very little experience with any type of relationship.

And yet this majority perception, this feeling that most people shy away from becoming involved with a trans person, rather than being a sign of the fact that we are tinkering too much and this really is unnatural, is viewed as something SOCIETY needs to work on.

It's been researched and rather than this be a cautionary telling for young people, they are lead to believe society is the problem, not them.


SOMETIMES it works. I know one couple consisting of a transman and his wife, and they have two kids. I have no idea what is in his pants. Beneath the surface they might just be normal old lesbians, but one has a moustache. I don't really know. But the odds are poor enough that it is absolutely something I would caution my own child against transitioning over. The ironic thing is I think a lot of the guys getting into this are "incels" who wouldn't be having a relationship otherwise - so either way they won 't have dating partners... but this way at least they get to blame transphobia, and not something about themselves.

There is a reason people avoid bottom surgery and it's not just the cost... but that means there is a bizarre disconnect in the kind of sex people are having, and the kind of couple they are referring to themselves as.

Oh, none of this is helping ANYONE. Full agreement there. Nobody is actually changing sex. Children and adults are mutilated. Women are being even further objectified and hated and I shudder to think where it will all end. This isn’t helping anyone except the power elite and those technoutopians who hope to remove biology from life in some sort of bid for immortality.