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I think it’s because this isn’t a universal experience. Women who succeed in passing as men do benefit by it socially. There are some male peer groups who welcome a woman who joins their team. Women and girls have been disguising themselves as men for ages because predators avoid other predators. Sometimes the only way for a woman to get what she wanted was to be disguised as a man. The danger is there yes, but some women want more than what safety can provide, they’re willing to risk being hurt by men for the chance to have much more than an ordinary woman’s life.

The other thing is that many of these women despise women culturally. They believe they aren’t like us. They’re different in a way that makes them not deserving of women’s low status. They’re free thinkers and contrarians, they aren’t afraid to walk alone at night, they want to fight, they’re willing to take risks, they are chill, they listen to loud music and watch porn / violent movies or whatever. They identify with an archetypical male personality and culture. They’re “one of the guys.” Changing their bodies to ressemble men’s or at least be ambiguous is part of their cultural identification. It’s a full body “do it to Julia.” And in my experience this attitude doesn’t necessarily go away if they stop identifying as trans.