Just because I could not properly articulate myself in the OP does not in anyway shape or form mean that I am homophobic.

Just admit you like to start drama then go outside and touch grass...

I’ve been outside and literally touched grass twice so far today 😹😹 It’s my cats’ first day outside this year! (Had them each on a leash and harness, at separate times.) :p

My one cat loves grass and ate every patch that she could find in the backyard. It was very cute.

Thanks though!

And no, not trying to start drama, just a bisexual woman who is a bit offended at what you wrote in the original post. I’ll end the disagreement here though, since I really don’t want to argue.


Edit: LOL, OP deleted their account????? I doubt it got banned... but really? What a petty thing to delete an account for!

Came here to say the age old argument that gays are made because we're abused as children, and dipped. Being a lesbian I was never abused as a child, still a lesbian. We've heard it all before but homophobes don't have the best imagination.