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I'm not arguing anything. I was trying to express a viewpoint that women who are born homosexual and have experienced sexual abuse in their formative years may be more likely to believe that they were born into the wrong body.

Your exact words: “Sexual abuse in childhood is linked to homosexuality which makes sense from a safety and wellness perspective.”

Just admit you’re homophobic and don’t know anything.

Just because I could not properly articulate myself in the OP does not in anyway shape or form mean that I am homophobic.

Just admit you like to start drama then go outside and touch grass...

I’ve been outside and literally touched grass twice so far today 😹😹 It’s my cats’ first day outside this year! (Had them each on a leash and harness, at separate times.) :p

My one cat loves grass and ate every patch that she could find in the backyard. It was very cute.

Thanks though!

And no, not trying to start drama, just a bisexual woman who is a bit offended at what you wrote in the original post. I’ll end the disagreement here though, since I really don’t want to argue.


Edit: LOL, OP deleted their account????? I doubt it got banned... but really? What a petty thing to delete an account for!