“However, the inclusion of transgender people into female sport cannot be balanced with fairness"

The tide is turning. It would have been unthinkable for them to say this even a couple of years ago, and all these sports associations were avoiding the topic like the plague.
The days of ignoring it and hoping the women would just shut up are over, what is currently a trickle will soon become a flood of politicians, organisations, and educational/sport/criminal justice institutions being forced to take a stance.
And as awareness grows, so too will the outrage against any which choose to maintain their genderwoo policies.

And then Dem congressmen like mine who pats me on the head when I contact him and tells me I just don't understand will pretend he agreed with me the entire time.

I hate how true this is.

I can just picture it. Condescending, smug, mansplaining politician, with slicked-back hair and a fancy suit... giving a cocky, “I know better than you” smirk... ugh.

Every day, more people and organizations wake up and become more sane. Meanwhile, the unhinged TRAs like Chase Strangio, the ACLU, schools and women's organizations become more captured and piss off more and more people.

Things are getting more extreme. I can't decide if this means the end is nigh or that their religion is now so strong it can declare any lies to be truths. Time will tell, but we don't have a lot of time before our rights are gone.

Categorization through birth sex remains to be the most useful and functional division relative to sporting performance. This categorization acknowledges the broad range of significant performance differences between the sexes. Hence, the sport of swimming should retain traditional sex categorization – in association with age and, where appropriate, disability – whilst finding a model of inclusion for transgender athletes;

Absolutely unequivocal. What a fantastic report.

Okay we got that fairness in sports and trans rights cannot coexist!

Now do homosexuality please. They are so at odds, how can gender and sex be irrelevant/a spectrum and yet homosexuals exist?