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This makes me so angry. I emailed them: *I just read that you proudly made the bathrooms "gender neutral". As a woman, I am irate that you have done this. Women and girls need bathrooms free from men. Some Muslim and other religious women will not be able to go to the museum with co-ed bathrooms. Some women and girls have been subject to male violence and male sexual violence and being in bathrooms or other small spaces with men is unthinkable. Women are more vulnerable in bathrooms than men and have more bodily functions that require privacy in bathrooms. Males commit 97+ % of sexual violence, mostly against women and children. You have given them carte blanche to access women and children in your bathrooms. There is also an epidemic of hidden cameras in women's bathrooms used to produce pornography without women's knowledge; you have given men permission to set up these cameras in toilets that women and children will use. You could have made some gender neutral bathrooms and left safe spaces for women, but you chose to put the loudest voices wants over women's needs. Sex still exists and women bear the brunt. Women need and deserve safe, dignified and private spaces. Please advise on how you plan to address women's needs. *

Where is women’s human right to privacy from predator fetishists? Let’s not pretend pedophiles won’t love this too, as women will be changing their babies and/or bringing their kids to the bathroom with them.

Where is women’s human right to privacy from predator fetishists?

Or even privacy from regular men? I for example get along great with my male coworkers and some of them are gay men. I still want privacy from them in the bathroom

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How appropriate it’s a museum, because women’s human rights there are stuffed.

Which human right are they standing for with that move? The human right for men to follow women into private places?

The thing about this is that from my experience, most normal non-woke men don't want this either. So this makes almost the entire population uncomfortable, and for what? To appease a teeny tiny minority?

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Besides making the majority of museum visitors and many staffers of both sexes uncomfortable, this move stands in direct contrast to Canada's virtue-signaling about what a welcoming nation it supposedly is for immigrants and refugees from particular countries and faith traditions. How predictable that in 2022 a national museum claiming to be a world-leading institution in furthering understanding of human rights, and in promoting "diversity and inclusion," has enacted a policy that clearly shows no concern for the human rights of girls and women, of self-conscious boys and men - AND also of Muslims, people from India and orthodox Jews.

How, I wonder, do the Canadian government officials tasked with running the country's national human rights museum square this policy with the national government's stated commitment to crack down on "Islamophobia"?


Interesting, and typical, that the guy behind this policy is a gay man of South Asian heritage whose career before this was focused on HIV and AIDS amongst MSM. The job he has at the Human Rights Museum seems to have been created in 2021 by the board to show its commitment to "diversity and inclusion" by funnelling more more money, and giving more power, to the all the professional trainers and educators in the "diversity and inclusion" industry.


I used to daydream about maybe moving to Canada one day. Not any more. It's one of the last places I'd like to live. Someone on here called it Tranada, and that seems to fit.

It still baffles me that bathrooms are the main focus of 'trans rights' and noone seems to think thats weird.

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People are still faced with being forced into addressing or acknowledging or engaging in a binary systemic that continues to cause harm, so these kind of steps to remove some of those barriers is helping," said Haran Vijayanathan, director for equity and growth with the museum.

This person must live in a different reality. Sex IS binary and is still used to harm specifically WOMEN. Pretending that sex isn’t a form of oppression for us doesn’t magically erase our sexual dimorphism and inequalities! These people are assholes, pretending that there’s zero sex based oppression and differences between men and women when we’ve had millennia of suffering.