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"The girls who fall for the trans craze are typically the same high-anxiety and depressive teen girls so tortured by social media. Competition for status among teen girls has always been fierce, but never so zero-sum, so winner-take-all as when a girl can win not only the hearts of the fifteen most popular kids in your class—but millions of teens—granting their likes, as if casting votes, for Prom Queen of the World."

It is like a siren call to our tween and teen girls, who are socially awkward and not quite popular or with the "in-crowd" so not really high on the totem pole, to gain status as a trans or non-binary and suddenly be popular and "in" with the crowd . . . it is like when girls are not satisfied with sadfishing that they need to jump aboard the trans train.

also archived: https://archive.vn/yH2qy

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Thanks for this! I'm working my way through the letters now.

I wish TRA's would actually read these and try to understand us. They always ask us to be kind and understand them - but they would never do the same for us.

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"It is dangerous to be right on matters where the authorities are wrong."

That Voltaire knew a thing or two.

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Oh how wonderful it is to see such a thoughtful exchange of ideas instead of the screechy one-liners of activists.

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Very powerful from Heather: > I will leave you with this: newly published research finds that “transgender and gender-diverse” individuals have high rates of autism, and other psychiatric diagnoses.

Given this, shouldn’t we consider the rapid rise of “gender dysphoria” in young women as a symptom, rather than as its own syndrome? Why do we chastise teenage girls when they cut themselves, but celebrate them when they find a doctor to do it for them? When a teenage girl cuts herself, or starves herself, we try to help the human being. We do not sanctify the behavior. Why are we now celebrating a symptom?>

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This was so thoughtful and just lovely to read. I agree that it's refreshing to see a calm discussion between two women from different backgrounds that was full of compassion and wisdom, rather than empty virtue signalling and accusations of bigtory.